Congratulations, Jennifer Brunner, you’ve now become part of Governor Kasich’s talking points in support of Issue 2:

At the Roundtable [discussing Issue 2], the governor championed the “need to work together to fix the problems in this state,” adding: “No more politics. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. … I don’t care because Ohio is dying and we need to get it healed.” He cited his appointment of Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat and former secretary of state, to the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission. [Source: Akron Beacon Journal].

Jennifer Brunner got played by Kasich, just as we predicted.  Now, she’s become the star token Democrat Kasich uses to try to convince Ohioans he’s policies really aren’t radical or partisan.  He talks about Brunner so much, you’d think Mary Taylor would start to get jealous of being shoved out of the limelight.

I hope Jennifer Brunner enjoys her appointment at the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission because it just cost her any chance of getting any meaningful support in Ohio Democratic politics again.

Courage, indeed.

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  • Anonymous

    well, we all called that one….what a joke

  • Anonymous

    An astoundingly stupid series of moves on the part of J-Bru.
    Her base of support crumbles by the minute.
    she could’ve been a contender…

  • Anonymous

    Kasich loves anyone  he can use.  We all thought Brunner was smarter than that. Perhaps she needed the job and the benefits.

  • Anonymous

    As I said before, stick a fork in her, she’s done.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    1. What else has she done that’s got ya’ll so riled.
    2. Are we getting a little like the Repukes – reviling someone merely for working with the other side?
    3. I have been a JBru supporter but damn, just damn.

    These are real questions, please be kind.

  • Tmollaun

    I wouldn’t take it that far. Sarah Palin? There’s nothing stupid about Jennifer Brunner. 

  • Tmollaun

    Have all 9 members been appointed? Who are the other “Ds?”

  • Tmollaun

    Dispatch on 9/26/2011: “Brunner is among those seeking to place House Bill 194 – Ohio’s new election laws – on hold through a voter referendum in 2012. A coalition that includes a Brunner-led group as well as Organizing for America and the Ohio Democratic Party is expected to deliver the required 231,147 signatures to Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office Wednesday or Thursday.”

    Confused: Please help me understand. If the commission has to be bipartisan, why is this so bad? 

  • Tmollaun

    We’ve seen Presidential cabinets with opposite party appointees. I am confused about why this is so bad. 

  • Tmollaun

    I need a job. Are there any other “D” seats available on the Commission? (smile)

  • That’s true. And Governor Strickland appointed a lot of Republicans. However Strickland’s policies were balanced and fair and, even when not favored by the other party, were pursued and achieved with respect, openness and with the goal of improving the lives of all Ohioans. Facing a huge budget shortfall, Strickland kept his own staff salaries low, worked with the unions to limit raises for state workers and implement extra cost-savings/furlough days that he and his staff also took to help save the state money.

    Kasich has done almost exactly the opposite. He’s given his own staff huge raises, abused state resources like the state plane, lied left and right about nearly everything – even when he didn’t have to – all while trying to cut the salaries and benefits and bargaining rights of Ohio’s teachers, fire fighters, police officers and other public employees.

    Strickland’s agenda was moderate and supported by a lot of people on both sides of the aisle. His budget was much more fiscally responsible and conservative than Kasich’s and he treated everyone with respect.

    Kasich’s agenda is so extreme that he has lost support of all Democrats and number of high-profile members of his own party as well.

    I don’t necessarily agree with Brian on everything he’s said about Brunner – but I think he’s pretty accurate when he says that she got played by Kasich.

    Kasich’s policies are extremely partisan and so radical that he’s lost support from members of his own party. Giving Kasich’s agenda and policies even the least bit of credibility does a disservice not just to our party, but to all Ohioans.

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