From the daily archives: Thursday, October 6, 2011

In a recent TV ad funded by the Republican Governors’ Association, John Kasich claims his “team” is “keeping and creating jobs” in Ohio.

One member of this team is Mark Kvamme, Kasich’s proclaimed “job-creation guru” and now CFO of JobsOhio – the public-private organization created by Kasich and the legislature to help bring more jobs back to Ohio.

According to JobsOhio’s website, the organization’s goal is to “lead Ohio’s job creation efforts by singularly focusing on attracting and retaining jobs”

And yet… Job Guru Kvamme repeated something today he’s said multiple times before: “Government doesn’t create jobs. […]

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In 2008, the General Assembly passed nearly unanimously Governor Strickland’s energy policy which reversed the disasterous (in the words of the conservative Ohio Manufacturers Association) electricity deregulation policy passed in the 1990s (which, ironically, was strongly pushed by… the Ohio Manufacturers Association who later learned to regret their deregulation=better for business myopic world view.)  Now, with Governor Kasich in office and complete GOP control of state government, the very policies the GOP supported way back in 2008 is under attack by pro-fossil fuel zealots with their outdated, Stone Age views on energy policy.

Enter Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Kevin […]

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Congratulations, Jennifer Brunner, you’ve now become part of Governor Kasich’s talking points in support of Issue 2:

At the Roundtable [discussing Issue 2], the governor championed the “need to work together to fix the problems in this state,” adding: “No more politics. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. … I don’t care because Ohio is dying and we need to get it healed.” He cited his appointment of Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat and former secretary of state, to the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission. [Source: Akron Beacon Journal].

Jennifer Brunner got played by Kasich, just as we […]

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