I’m not sure which disappoints me more, an uninformed individual praising the virtues of Issue 2 or an educator spreading misinformation while pretending to be a representative of the profession.  Since the second Better Ohio video featuring a teacher covers both, I guess I don’t have to choose.  In the video is Columbus West High School teacher Jim Murray [no secret; check his Twitter account] from Better Ohio’s mindlessly named “Teacher Resource Center.”

How do I know he is uninformed?  Because he shared as much with me on Twitter about a month ago where he showed that he didn’t even know how the merit pay component even worked.  Tell me, is this your teacher spokesperson for Issue 2?

That was the tweet that got my attention.  I found it appalling that he doesn’t work hard for his students every day and even boldly claims that all he does is “show up.”  I let him know how I felt in no uncertain terms.

Teachers aren’t afraid of proving it, they’re concerned about the “tools” that will be used.

The question at the end of the tweet is his reply to my statement about “proving it” – he didn’t know that standardized tests are part of the formula for evaluating teacher performance.  I couldn’t disguise my shock, but felt the need to help him become educated about the law.

The link I sent him refers to the Ohio Revised Code.  That section of the SB5 law states [with my notes added]:

The framework shall require at least fifty per cent of each evaluation to be based on measures of student academic growth specified by the department of education [Ohio’s standardized tests]. When applicable to a teacher, those measures shall include student performance on the assessments prescribed under sections 3301.0710 and 3301.0712 [Ohio’s standardized tests] of the Revised Code and the value-added progress dimension prescribed by section 3302.021 of the Revised Code [based on Ohio’s standardized tests].

He still didn’t know and didn’t even understand what the law was stating.  Jim, please read our posts on this topic so you can understand that 50% of the evaluation of a teacher is based on standardized testing, and the tests are used again in a separate manner to determine compensation.

That was the end of our conversation.  I guess my value-added scores for his learning won’t be too good.

I wish he would take his own advice and “take the chance to try to understand this issue” instead of offering his blind, uninformed support, just to be in a no-budget video.

Congratulations, Jim, you’re a star.



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  • This is the kind of teacher that gives us all a bad name. He doesn’t even bother to educate himself on the issues so that he knows how they are going to effect him. Wait until he has to take the praxis again. He seems to be the kind that skated through college by the skin of his teeth hoping to land a cushy (ha ha ) job and only does the bare minimum. I will laugh when he doesn’t pass and when he wonders why he isn’t getting merit pay.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is, “he will fail testing and won’t understand why”.  This boy needs start over again by going back to the 6th grade.  As we all know the 6th grade is the true beginning of learning how to read a newspaper and decipher the meaning of the content.   Maybe if he starts there and goes back through Jr. High and High School he may progress to the point where he can decipher law that pertains to his future vocation.  At this point I don’t think his future is going to be in education.  Hope he shares his scores with us.

  • Just about every one in Columbus is a joke at this point in time. They are so funny that I forgot to laugh!

  • Anastasjoy

    It’s a pretty tragic “joke” for the school children of Ohio. They are the last people that Kasich and his stooges are thinking about.

  • This idiot is on Team Perry… I am glad my kids don’t have him in class.  It would be a waste of a year.  He better hope Sb5 fails or I am sure he would be one of the biggest losers.  Any administrator that would keep such a simple minded person would be in danger of losing his job too.

  • Soemthine else that isn’t working is that slackers haircut…

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Since when has SB5 become the “way” to make changes and help the kids?
    A ” real ” teacher always has the kids at heart and will within their schools promote better ways of doing things.
    This guy seems confused to say the least.
    No one to my knowledge ever said the system doesnt need changed. 
    Cutting teachers pay isnt the way to improve that just puts the kids in a deeper hole.
    Wonder if how much of a merit pay he thinks hes gonna get?    
    There are all kinds of reasons kids dont do well in school– I would venture to say –home life is about 70 %  of that…. cant blame the teachers for all of it !

  • Anonymous

    OH BROTHER…..As a shipping clerk at the public library where I work  I know  I am  a public servant. 

    What is this guy???

  • Anonymous

    Oh and keep up the good work slicing and dicing the opponents propaganda.

  • Anastasjoy

    What system needs to be changed? Looking at Greg’s spreadsheet posted in his vouchers post, I see that an overwhelming majority of Ohio school systems appear to be successful. The handful (six) that are in academic watch are mostly very poor — could that be a reason these kids don’t do well in school? Overall it seems to me Ohio schools are doing just fine and should be left alone, while the schools that serve poor children should be getting more resources, not less, to help those kids overcome their challenges. And the successful schools should not be getting cuts either. But then, that would require admitting that when you increase the state budget by $5 billion, there’s no excuse for ANY education cuts — unless you want to enrich your buddy David Brennan. And of course, you can’t publicly cop to THAT as your goal.

  • Anonymous

    If you listen to the message from “Jim” – He teaches Columbus Schools.  Wonder how he spreads himself around.   How about “us as teachers”  Yes, he is a great example of teachers supporting Issue 2.

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