From the daily archives: Saturday, October 1, 2011

On September 18, we posted a letter that we sent to the Governor’s office, specifically Barb Mattei-Smith, requesting that she “cease the spreading of misinformation regarding the Teacher Retesting provision of HB153, especially your repeated statements that a similar program has had a measurable impact in the state of Massachusetts.”

Today, two weeks later, we got a response from Robert Sommers, the Director of the Governor’s Office of 21st Century Education.  He politely disagreed with the information we provided:


I appreciate your careful analysis of information being shared from our office. We always strive to be accurate about our communications […]

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I’m not sure which disappoints me more, an uninformed individual praising the virtues of Issue 2 or an educator spreading misinformation while pretending to be a representative of the profession.  Since the second Better Ohio video featuring a teacher covers both, I guess I don’t have to choose.  In the video is Columbus West High School teacher Jim Murray [no secret; check his Twitter account] from Better Ohio’s mindlessly named “Teacher Resource Center.”

How do I know he is uninformed?  Because he shared as much with me on Twitter about a month ago where he showed that he […]

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Fairfield County Republican Party Chairman Kyle Farmer is the star of Better Ohio’s latest commercial that squarely attacks hardworking teachers head on by insinuating much and providing no semblance of anything that could be termed “factual.”  In the most ironic moment of the clip, the chairman mentions that he tells his students “you can’t believe everything you hear” and proceeds to back up that statement expertly for the remaining two-thirds of his time on-screen.

Here’s the skinny on the main talking point in the ad, teacher compensation:

“Good teachers will be rewarded for the job they do and the […]

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