Last weekend John Kasich hosted The Ohio Governor’s 21st Century Energy & Economic Development Summit in Columbus. According to the event’s website, the Governor’s goal was to bring “together a diverse group of leaders to discuss the future of Ohio’s energy policy and lay the foundation for a comprehensive Energy and Economic Development Policy.” The Kasich Administration says they will consider the “points of view” of these energy leaders while developing their energy policy.

Again, according to the website:

The speakers and panelists were carefully selected to represent a diverse cross-section of highly qualified experts from energy producers and distributors, manufacturers, conservation nonprofits, business associations, universities and colleges, and R&D organizations throughout Ohio and from other states.

One of those “carefully selected” panelists was Robert Murray, owner of Murray Energy. In addition to being a global warming doubter and CEO/founder of a coal mining company with a history of safety violations, Murray is a big Republican donor. He personally gave the Kasich/Taylor campaign nearly four thousand dollars in the 2010 election cycle and his PAC gave them $10K.

We found some video of Murray at the conference. Keep in mind as you watch this that Murray is one of those “carefully selected” panelists that will be influencing Kasich’s energy policy.

Murray starts off strong. He seems to be winning over the audience with stories about his family and his hard work and the difficult times that led up to his success. He gets a few laughs. And then he suddenly goes totally batshit crazy, claiming “President Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest threat to the economy of the State of Ohio and this country”, and for some reason the entire room goes silent.

Now that former oil and gas executive Dave Mustine has left the Department of Natural Resources to work for JobsOhio, there appears to be an opening for Director at ODNR, the agency whose mission it is “to ensure a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all.” Does anyone else feel like Murray is auditioning for the job?

See the full video at the Ohio Channel.