In case you haven’t heard yet, Josh Mandel is a little late filing his personal financial disclosure form for the Senate. Ok, he’s A LOT late.

As Ben pointed out last week, “Senate rules require every candidate who declares to run for a Senate seat must file their disclosure forms within 30 days of doing so. Back in April Mandel declared his candidacy for Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat and he we are almost five months later and he has still yet to file them.”

Ben also covers some of the possible reasons why he’s late. It’s interesting stuff. Check it out if you haven’t read it yet.

Speaking of interesting stuff…

Today Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern held a little birthday party for young Josh (Happy 34th, buddy!). The highlight of the party was a cake topped with an incomplete Senate Financial Disclosure Report. I heard the report was “DEEElicious.”

Marc Kovac has the not-so-shaky video of the press conference…