A new group has entered the SB5/Issue 2 campaign. The Alliance for America’s Future (AFF) started sending mailers this week that blame local budget shortfalls on greedy public employees instead of on Kasich’s huge cuts in local funding. I’ll warn you right now: we’ll never know specific details about who is funding them, but if you made a guess that it was the typical funding sources for anti-labor Republican causes, I’m sure you’d be pretty close.

The group was founded by Ohio Republican operative Barry Bennett who left his job as Jean Schmidt’s chief of staff last May to start the organization. According to Cincinnati.com:

Bennett previously handled communications for former Rep. Rob Portman’s special election to Congress in 1993, then oversaw Portman’s transition into office. He also worked as campaign director for Sen. Mike DeWine’s 1994 Senate race and served as chief of staff for former Rep. Frank Cremeans, who represented Ohio’s 6th District in Congress from 1995 to 1996.

The Nevada News Bureau also reports that “Bennet’s partner is Mary Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.”

In 2010 AFF spent nearly 40% of their over-$700K campaign budget supporting Rob Portman’s successful bid for the Senate against Lee Fisher. And it looks like this year they are again targeting Ohio.

Here’s the mailer. Please try not to be swayed by the reasonable looking couple they borrowed from the stock photo company, or the completely unrelated headlines they stole from local newspapers…