The GOP spin on the retroactive raises the GOP gave its staffers in July and then began giving the Democratic staffers this month continues to circle the drain into FailLand.  The Senate GOP defended Senate staffer raises and making them retroactive despite their rhetoric on Issue 2 about keeping government employees’ compensation in check due to our austere times by saying they were required to keep key Senate staffers, like the Senate GOP caucus’ chief-of-staff, Matt Schuler, from leaving them for other government posts and how the whole thing just show why merit pay under Issue 2 is needed.

Today, Governor Kasich is announcing Matt Schuler, the Senate GOP’s chief-of-staff, is leaving the Senate to run the Ohio Casino Commission.  This after a nationwide search for someone with casino experience.  Schuler has no casino regulatory experience.  And he just got a massive retroactive raise in July… that was, supposedly, “to keep him in the Senate.”


[UPDATE:]  According to the Columbus Dispatch, Schuler never applied for the position, and was not among the finalists recently interviewed by the Commission.  Instead, like the new Ohio Superintendent at the Ohio Board of Education, he was a political insider who was “recruited” into the job.

And yes, the Dispatch reports, there’s already talk about raising his salary.

When Nevada created its first state casino commission, it appointed a veteran of the FBI who was familar with rooting out organized crime.  This is not that kind of pick.

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