To say John Kasich has a muddled history on the issue of Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs—i.e.- video slot machines) at horseracing tracks. 

Kasich was highly critical of Governor Ted Strickland’s initial decision to permit VLTs as a way to avoid freezing planned income tax cuts and still balance the budget.

Kasich largely refused to take an actual position on VLTs during the campaign.  Then in February, Kasich told the Youngstown Vindicator:

As for a time frame for a decision on legalizing slots, Kasich said, “Haste makes waste. I want to make sure we do everything we’re doing and make sure it’s being done right.”

He told a Vindicator reporter that he won’t “set a time limit” because he would then be held to that schedule.

Fast forward to today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Gov. John Kasich moving fast on racetrack slots, asks Controlling Board for approval of no-bid contract

Gov. John Kasich on Monday asked for approval of a no-bid, multimillion contract the administration says will help speed the arrival of slots-like gambling at Ohio’s racetracks.

It doesn’t hurt that the company Kasich wants to award the contract to a company that has hired Doug Preisse and Robert Klaffky, two longtime and close political confidantes of Kasich.

It’s true that Intralot, the company involved, already has a contract with the Ohio Lottery Commission that it was granted under Governor Strickland to run the Commission’s on-line games.  That contract was awarded in a bid process.

No bid-contracts results in inflated prices and sometime subpar performance, especially when it’s to incredibly politically well-connected companies who keep the Governor’s friends on their payroll.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

What was that about “no snouts at the trough” and “haste makes waste?”