From the daily archives: Monday, September 19, 2011

NOTE: The letter has been updated. It seems there were some transcription errors in the copy I posted last night that were not in the original. My apologies to Dr. Shreffler.

About a week ago I was forwarded an email written by Dr. Mike Shreffler, the Superintendent of Southeast Local Schools. In the letter Dr. Shreffler recounts a invitation-only event he attended with Governor Kasich and the many false and often downright nasty statements made by the Governor regarding public employees in Ohio.

I was forwarded the letter again and again over the past week from good friends, casual acquaintances, […]

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Apparently, we now know what one of the criteria is not considered by JobsOhio:  has the company been accused of millions of Medicaid fraud?

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1998, OmniCare moved out of the Cincinnati area to move to northern Kentucky to the new RiverCenter II office complex being built in Covington, Kentucky right off the Ohio River:

In November, the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority approved a $4.1 million package of tax incentives to lure Omnicare from its current headquarters in Chemed Center to Northern Kentucky.

[Source: Cincinnati Enquirer, (May 3, 1997) “Omnicare moving to […]

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Today, Senator Sawyer introduced SB 225 as an alternative to the one speedily past by the Republican majority in the House (HB 319).  The map was actually an entry by a Republican Illinois state lawmaker with apparently a love of political cartography and a massive amount of free time on his hands.  His was one of the top entries in the redistricting contest sponsored by the League of Women Voters (who, I’m told, is nothing like the Justice League) and other civic minded groups.

Here’s what the map under SB 225 would look like:


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