September 11, 1985:  Pete Rose hits his 4,192th career hit, besting Ty Cobb as the all-time career hit leader in professional baseball.

September 17, 2011:  Plunderbund gets its 4,192th follower on Facebook.  It’s Facebook following having grown by nearly a factor of FIFTEEN since the November election.

Facebook has become a place of good place to add additional content and for marketing our posts.  It’s lead to dynamic growth in our traffic and reach.

We take pride in the content we generate, which must be done as we all balance our actual paying jobs and our families.  But we are incredibly moved and humbled by the support and fans we’ve gotten to know the past year.  We will continue to grow so long as we have fans like you who spread the word of our work.

Incidentally, if you have not hit the “like this” button on our Facebook page, please do.  Sometimes we’ll seen some of our best comments on our posts on FB and not in the post themselves.  Also, it’s become a place where you can share links and news with us.

Again, on behalf of the entire PlunderCrew, thank you for all you’ve done to make us have our most successful year so far.  We’re already planning our coverage for election night this November, and we’re well positions to cover the Battle for Ohio/The White House next year, too.

You ain’t seen nothing, yet, folks.  You can bet on that! 😉

  • Anonymous

    You guys do the work – we just pass it along.

    Here’s a little tidbit to cheer people up:  Yesterday, State Representative and Tax Cheat Extraordinarre, Andrew Brenner, decided to hold a Support Senate Bill 5 Rally in downtown Delaware.  He and his minions were going to canvas all over town.  However, he found out that it is hard to canvass when only 5 people show up.  There were 10 counter protesters on hand, with signs alluding to Andy and his wife’s unpaid federal tax liens of $60,000 and still counting.  When photos were taken, Andy became agitated and made the statement that he only represents the MAJORITY in his disctrict.  What a schmendrik.

  • Adrienne

    Thanks excellent glad you are doing such a good job. 

    I don’t do twitter but CONGRATS. 


    Vote no on Issue 2. 

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Odd   I didnt notice any information
    on forgiving back taxes in SB5’s 400 pages.
    Represents the majority?  So the majority support his not paying fed taxes.

    Yes this was a good chuckle !

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Odd   I didnt notice any information
    on forgiving back taxes in SB5’s 400 pages.
    Represents the majority?  So the majority support his not paying fed taxes.

    Yes this was a good chuckle !

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Pete was and still is my favReds player —  I remember as a kid seeing him at Crosley Field–

    you guys keep up the work you are doing !!  

  • Anonymous

    These liens are not against Andy’s personal tax return – these are trust fund taxes, taken out of employees’ paychecks, but not paid to the federal government.  Things like federal withholding, SS, medicare, etc.  Failure to pay trust fund taxes is a whole other ballgame. In other words, Andy and his wife, SaraMarie (a Powell city councilwoman), through their business, have stolen money from their employees and not paid their taxes. 

  • Natasha.

    Paying taxes and financial responsibility seem to be a very difficult for Delaware County Republicans.

    The county itself failed to properly calculate the payroll taxes on its employees and elected officials. and endured an audit by the I.R.S  and as a result the county paid for not properly reporting and paying its payroll taxes.

    When the county provided certain “fringe benefits” to elected officials that he I.R.S. found they county auditors – for years- including Yost, did not include in these as taxable income.  So then the county paid these elected officials beyond what is permissible in Ohio law for maximum compensation to elected officials.  

    Delaware County Clerk of Courts Antonoplos and her GOP lobbyist husband owe the I.R.S more than $350,000.00 on liens filed against them in 2008 – four years ago.   The lobbyist husband owes lots of bank and commerial credit that has been reduced to judgments against him.

    They also have a wierd 105 year term mortgage from a Delaware County developer in the amount of $110,000.  They modified the term (when people found out about it) so that it was due in 2011 – wonder if it was paid? 

    Interestingly such mortgages to an elected official that are secured by “vacation” homes, etc. do not have to be reported on the politician’s financial disclosure form.  How’s that for a loophole – you want to buy a politician simply give it a 100 Grand and a 100 year or so balloon mortgage and it will never be disclosed any where.

    It sure does look like Ohio representative Brenner simply took the payroll tax withholding money from his employees and spent it on himself, and his campaign and his wife’s political activity rather than pay up to the I.R.S. for his employees.

    Cheating on taxes is a fine old Delaware GOP wife-beaters’ club tradition  Even the chairman of the Delaware Republicans Executive committee was bankrupt a few years ago.  They tried to run several bankrupt schmoes some with disgusting criminal events in their records  for Auditor.  It’s the Delaware County Republican way.  If you can’t cheat ’em get drunk, get a gun and beat ’em.

  • I’m 4,213!!  I’ve been reading basically since your launch a few years ago.  I have no idea how I never hit like.  I saw this and said, I should check that.  Often re-tweet and re-post your stories.  Keep up the great work.  While I’m no longer in Columbus fighting the good fight, I will continue to support our beliefs here in NE Ohio.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Crosley Field, that means you’re…..

    A solid Reds fan.

  • Oops I forgot I don’t do facebook.

  • I am old enough modern to have actually seen a game at Crosley Field when I was 7 years old. I also remember when I was 14 and saw Riverfront. It wasn’t considered as ugly then as it was in it’s later years. I loved the Big Red Machine.

    Unfortunately, the big red machine is now the republican party, who accuses progressives of being socialists while they promote  rogue capitalism through the guise of democracy. 

    Regardless, congrats on 4,192.

  • If you haven’t tried Google Plus give it a try.  It is really good.  I tried Facebook, but closed the account, Google Plus is really nice.  Congrats though on your advancement.  We need people standing up now more than ever.

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