Here’s a chart from Innovation Ohio showing Ohio’s unemployment rate compared to the nation:

They repeat much of what I said before:  Ohio’s unemployment ranks are growing, the ranks of the employed is shrinking, and the number of people either working or looking for work in Ohio has nosedived since, well, right around the time John Kasich’s “Jobs Budget” was being passed.

During this time, Kasich has been going around the nation talking about how job creators love what he’s doing in Ohio to “remove barriers” to job creation.  So, when are those job creators going to, you know, start creating jobs in Ohio, then?

Looks like the nation is doing better economically under Obama than Ohio is under Kasich.  You don’t think all this talk about job creators on strike over regulations may be just right-wing nonsense?  Nah, couldn’t be.

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  • Wanna bet this graph will never see the light of day in either the CD or PD?  When will they realize their golden boy is not so golden after all?…Jim, Columbus

  • Annekarina

    looks like kasick drew the short straw for something…

  • Adrienne

    The job creators are not working, since there isn’t any demand because people aren’t working.  It is a vicious cycle and cutting govt spending isn’t going to help. 

    R’s don’t care as long as big biz can pay for their elections.
    Big biz doesn’t care because they can make money without people working for them.  I guess jobs will be created when people give up and agree to some kind of slavery and pollution and unsafe working conditions and poisoned food, poisoned medication, poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned ground, again. 

    We deserve better; they give and become even worse. 

    Why do people vote for evil rotten TGOPers again?

    So their neighbors can have 100% of nothing. 

  • Rescueinc1

    This is as simple as “supply and demand”. If the Republicans (corporate America, CEO’s, Kasich and friends) can keep the number of unemployed up, rid the nation (Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Wisconsin, to name a few…) of Labor Union PUBLIC AND?OR PRIVATE then, they can increase profits by paying the workers less, and decreasing benefits, and 401K’s….Looks like Kasich is back on Wall St…except now he is a speculator! IDIOT!

  • Adrienne

    It also keeps inflation down (artificially)  so that the only people who get raises are the rotten Wall $treet wrecking robbers barons. 

    Inflation means that people get raises and unemployment is low and people who work have more power. 

    Everything is more expensive except for us all caused by greedy rotten rich people and their minions the rotten radical TGOPers. 

  • Anonymous

    Kasich knows if he can keep unemployment high, businesses can keep wages down and keep employees anxious about their jobs and afraid to sign a union card. It’s good news to his corporate donors and for stockholders, but it will eventually kill what’s left of the middle class. 

  • very cool psot! thanks alot!!!!!!!! 

  • In school we teach students if then statements. Like IF you really increase jobs THEN unemployment rate will go down. Or IF your jobs ohio program worked THEN unemployment goes down. Or IF you did your job right THEN the unemployment rate goes down. Does he need any more examples? Do I need to model the if then statements better? Or do I need to reteach?

  • Anonymous

    Carrie, the problem is you teach kindergarten. That stuff’s a little advanced for our governor and his enablers in the legislature.

  • Anonymous

    “Enablers” –  LOVE IT!  Perfect choice of words.

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