From the daily archives: Friday, September 16, 2011

Listen, after spending almost three hours watching the Tea Party debate on Monday I am fully aware that Republicans don’t understand what a fact is or how to properly use one. Listening to all eight of them swear up and down that Social Security is a ponzi scheme and that Barack Obama is a socialist it is clear facts are not something Republicans totally get.

Which brings us to Building a Better Ohio’s fact check of the most recent anti-SB 5 ad. The ad, Loophole, highlights the hypocrisy of Governor Kasich and the lawmakers who passed SB 5 […]

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Here’s a chart from Innovation Ohio showing Ohio’s unemployment rate compared to the nation:

They repeat much of what I said before:  Ohio’s unemployment ranks are growing, the ranks of the employed is shrinking, and the number of people either working or looking for work in Ohio has nosedived since, well, right around the time John Kasich’s “Jobs Budget” was being passed.

During this time, Kasich has been going around the nation talking about how job creators love what he’s doing in Ohio to “remove barriers” to job creation.  So, when are those job creators going to, you […]

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This morning, the Ohio jobs report for August was released by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.  It’s not good news.  For the third straight month in a row, unemployment in Ohio went up from 9% in July to 9.1% in August.  The number of unemployed Ohioans grew by 7,000.  The number of employed Ohioans shrank by 700.

Governor John Kasich was elected by hammering incumbent Governor Ted Strickland over jobs, even though Ohio was in the middle of what would be a fourteen-month consistently drop in unemployment and the fact that Ohio’s unemployment rate had fallen […]

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