In case you missed it yesterday, the Republican caucus appointed a replacement for disgraced Ohio State Rep Robert Mecklenborg (you might have read about him on Plunderbund a time or two).  What skilled legislator did they bring in to help restore their image?  Louis F. Terhar.  That’s right, THE Louis F. Terhar.


Go ahead and ask — who the hell is Louis Terhar?

Basically, he’s just a regular businessman.  Nothing that remarkable, to be honest, except for his most notable qualification for the job – his wife.

According to the Politics Extra blog out of the Cincinnati area, “Mrs. Terhar had been mentioned early on as a possible replacement for Mecklenborg, but made it clear early on that she was not interested.”

You see, Mrs. Terhar has other responsibilities to the GOP at the moment.  She’s busy running the show as the President of the State Board of Education after Kasich orchestrated a coup back in March to take over the State Board of Education and oust the state superintendent.  Debe Terhar, who just began serving on the Board this January, is a member of the Northwest & Southwest Tea Parties of Hamilton County and the Lebanon Tea Party in Warren County.  These counties happen to coincide with Senate District 7 served by Shannon Jones.  Debe Terhar also describes herself as ” an early participant in the Tea Party Movement.”

Awesome, right?  Wait, there’s more – at least about her.

In a profile of Mrs. Terhar done by Xavier University this summer, they discussed her views about “the business of education.”

Terhar is a proponent of the voucher system, and believes a teacher’s pay should be based on performance. “In business, if you do a good job, you get paid for it,” she says. “We need to look at it like a business. We’re in the business of education.”

“The free-market system will determine who does a good job and who doesn’t.”

Now, who does that remind you of?  I’ll give you a hint – it rhymes with prick.

To be fair, and to try and get back to Mr. Debe Terhar, he does have some campaign experience, and while it is certainly limited, at least it’s recent.  In 2010, he was the treasurer for a campaign – to get Debe Terhar elected to the State Board.

I don’t know why I still get shocked whenever I learn that the Republicans have pulled another deal and finalized another incestuous partnership.  But I think I do have a right to be appalled that they aren’t even trying to hide it.

Cast a vote FOR integrity this November.

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