Apparently, Building a Better Ohio will accept an endorsement from anyone, so long as their job allows them to wear an uniform.  Today, the Building a Better Ohio campaign apparently found it newsworthy to note that it has gotten the endorsement of Hamilton County Sheriff Si Leis (R).  Except Leis didn’t wear his uniform for the event.  Si Leis used to be a county prosecutor back in the 1970s.   You might recall him being played by James Carville in The People v. Larry Flynt.  Leis prosecuted Flynt on obscenity charges over Hustler magazine only to have some hippie appellate court throw the conviction out on some pinko “First Amendment” grounds.

So, naturally, the people of Hamilton County said, let’s make this guy Sheriff!  Which he has held for decades.  In the 1990s, you might recall Leis decided to raid the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati over the art museum’s photographic exhibit of Robert Maplethorpe.  He was later played in the television movie “Dirty Pictures” about the case (a jury acquitted the museum director of obscenity charges) by Craig T. Nelson.  When casting directors come up with either James Carville or Craig T. Nelson to play you, well, that kind of speaks for itself.

Here’s Leis talking about Issue 2 today [Source: Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Politics Extra Blog]:

“You can’t worry about how it will affect you as an individual,” said Leis, adding that passing the statewide issue will improve public safety, the primary reason for his support.

Leis, who has been in elected office 41 years, mostly in law enforcement, said Issue 2 is “critical to effective law enforcement in the future. Everybody wants effective law enforcement. Saying [Issue 2] won’t affect safety and well being, I don’t understand.”

“All of them have one thing in common,” Jason Mauk, Issue 2 spokesman, said of the officials at the press conference. “They care enough about the future of our state to say it’s time to put politics aside and tackle the tough issues we’ve ignored for too long.”

Mauk is right.  If there’s anything someone like Sheriff Si Leis knows, it’s when to put politics aside.  Like in 2005, when Leis spoke at the local annual Police Memorial Day ceremonies, when Leis reportedly said according to a CityBeat article at the time: 

“Our country is in great peril, not from an approaching army but from a satanic pestilence that has already invaded our nation with a drug-infested culture, littering our country and neighborhoods with untold corpses and its collateral family damage,” says Pastor Si.

Can we get an amen? Or do you think the devil can’t reach you?

“Sealed under glass in Washington, D.C, the Constitution of the United States of America lulls Americans into a false sense of security, believing that nothing can change the ideals and intent of its God-fearing framers,” says Pastor Si.

Give us a hallelujah!

“The gay and lesbian coalitions, rabid feminist groups and the American Civil Liberties Union (are) all competing for power,” says Pastor Si. “Many use their political action committee funds to influence elected officials, to represent these parasitic groups who proselytize and force us, under the protection of law, to tolerate and accept their despicable conduct and agenda.”

Leis turned the annual Police Memorial Day, held May 10 on Fountain Square, into a virtual religious revival, damning liberal judges, atheists, “the perversion of the Internet,” violent video games and other elements of a society he sees as speeding to hell.

“As concerned citizens and Christians, we need to display and read in our classrooms once again, and with pride, the Ten Commandments, the Judeo-Christian foundation of our entire constitutional system of law,” says Pastor Si.

 This is at an event meant to honor the fallen.  That’s some endorsement you got there, Jason Mauk.

But wait, there’s more.

Here’s what Leis had to say later today about  Hamilton County Commissioners’ budget proposal to cut the sheriff’s office budget due to declining state funding and property values:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Moxiegirl10/status/114036439993430017″]

Folks, this is something he said in the same day.  We can’t worry about how Issue 2 impacts us on an individual level, we need to sacrifice for the greater good and get government spending under control to… let’s raise taxes if the alternative is cutting my budget.  Wow.

It should be noted that the nearby Republican sheriffs of Warren and Butler Counties (deeply red counties) have been less than supportive of Issue 2 in their public statements, too.   I mean, they oppose it.  Totally.

  • I surprised he didn’t say that public servants will be taking hand outs to do their jobs since we don’t want to pay them with our taxes.

    I can smell the corruption coming…..smells like “victory”.

    Vote no on Issue 2.

  • I surprised he didn’t say that public servants will be taking hand outs to do their jobs since we don’t want to pay them with our taxes.

    I can smell the corruption coming…..smells like “victory”.

    Vote no on Issue 2.

  • Anonymous

    If it were up to this guy he would make his deputies work alone and be thinly spread out over the entire county. To say that is not a “safety issue” is an outright lie. 

  • Annekarina

    Hmmm…..I keep hearing how great Detroit is so I did a search.  Found out CNN said it is one of the worst cities … period … it and New Orleans as the only US cities.  The rest were not in the US.  The reason?  Drugs.  Wonder if that is what is next in line for Columbus’s great economy under this governmental administration?

  • County sheriffs are one of the most corrupt entities in government. How can a politician enforce the law fairly? The sheriff’s position should be de-politicized (is that a word?) and changed so that the sheriff is appointed by county commissioners. 

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    What ?   appointed ?   you are kidding arent you?
    Do you really want a family member from the county commission to be your counties sheriff?  Corruption would run wild ……………………….

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this guy sounds like a piece of work. For a start, I’m automatically suspicious of anyone who has been sheriff too long. It’s a position that seems to make power go to the head and corrupt someone who has been in office for a long time.. Look what happened up here in Cuyahoga.

    Second of all, did he explain HOW SB 5 improves public safety? I don’t think even Kasich and the legislature said that. They just said it was a “tool” to balance budgets. 

    And third of all, does he lose his Republican membership card for supporting a tax hike? And while Kasich is on TV boasting about how he balanced the budget without raising taxes, isn’t this tax hike a DIRECT result of Kasich’s budget — as are all the other tax hikes and levies across the state?

    He was played by James Carville. Shudder. Nothing makes me toss or delete a fundraising pitch faster than having it come from Carville.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Andy, bad idea. Then the sheriff is beholden to the officials who appointed him and won’t show much zeal in holding THEM accountable. The sheriff is now appointed in Cuyahoga since charter reform and many think it’s a bad idea. It’s too soon to tell as the new government has only been in place eight month.

  • Anonymous

    I love New Orleans. I know it has issues with crime and police corruption but it is a lovely and completely unique city. The music, the architecture, the gardens, the food, the wonderful people …

  • Random Thoughts

    Isn’t Shannon Jones from Hamilton County, too?

    Maybe they can get James Carville to play her in the movie about SB5.

  • Okay, clear something up for me – this guy was played by James Carville in a movie? Is this the same Jimmy Carville, the ragin’ Cajun that’s married to Mary Matalin?

  • Annekarina

    You forgot VOO Doo.

  • Anonymous

    The same.

  • Anonymous

    Leis is… well, Leis.  He’s supported numerous attempts to pass a tax levy specifically to build a new jail (which he actually has a point that Hamilton County needs.)  He’s a guy who sees the world in black and white, who’s stunned that people see him not as consistent in his binary thinking as he believes he is.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Mary Matlin is available.

  • Anonymous

    Voodoo is benign compared to what Kasich do.

  • Annekarina

    oh i could run with that one…..conspiracy theories and all….but in the sense of decency and stuff…i won’t….but good one.

  •  I really learned a lot by reading the whole content. Thanks for this.

  • This is from a man who had has a permanent job. All this nonsense is from people who function under “the fix is in” model (cronyism).

    Cutting spending means cutting law enforcement, you big dummy. We get what we pay for and it seems that we deserve 100% of nothing aka moldy crumbs.

    Don’t our employees deserve a living wage and to live a good life? Don’t we all?

  • Guest

    I suggest that spending be cut starting with his salary. You first monster who plays a human being on TV.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    No shes from Warrren county –lives in Springboro  — but part of Ham. is in her district
    Naw James Carville is to pretty to play  her  LOL 

  • Anonymous

    In defense of Hamilton County – my home – Si Leis has run uncontested in almost every election he has ever been a part of. Nobody else even runs for Sheriff in Hamilton County any more because the guy is so entrenched. I have often thought of running myself, with absolutely no law enforcement experience and a somewhat spotty record, under the slogan “I’m not Si Leis”. It’s entirely possible that I would win.

    Hell, I couldn’t do a worse job than he does.

  • Muffet

    He announced his retirement later in the day, you know.  He was a Common Pleas judge for a while.  Oy.  Oy vey.  Let me tell you about that sometime.

  • shame on you…umm..isnt it against the law to impersonate a police officer?

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