Stay Tuned! Chat starts at 7:30PM. Debate starts at 8:00PM.

  • Anonymous

    You will have to tell me about it because the more I thought about it, the more the idea of a supposed “news” outlet elevating a fake, money-driven right-wing movement to this status makes me nauseous. CNN has completely ceded its credentials as a credible news outlet. The Tea Party would have faded long ago had not the news media kept it on CPR.

  • Clicked in for the live chat, first thing I saw what Kasich’s add playing. Was this suppose to be funny? 

  • That’s one way of looking at it, I suppose.

    But I think providing a forum for these people to showcase their craziness really gives regular folks the chance to see just how out-there they are.

    Should the government intervene to save the life of a 30 year old who suffered a tragic accident that can only be saved by expensive medical treatment just because he decided not to buy health insurance?

    Should the government help protect preteen girls from life-threatening cancer?  Or let them risk death because some uptight religious folks think the vaccine promotes premarital sex?

    Should the biggest applause line of the night come when it was announced that Governor Rick Perry executed more death row inmates than any other governor?

  • Ann

    Those comments make no sense out of context.

  • Didn’t watch it because I didn’t want to have a stroke from high blood pressure.  Thanks for watching, though.

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