Governor Kasich’s fearmongering continues on Issue 2.  For the third time in two days, another news report of Kasich making outrageous predictions about what Ohio will look like after Issue 2 is defeated.

Two days ago, we wrote about how the Dispatch reported that Kasich said if Issue 2 is defeated on November 8th, then it means the private sector labor unions will get emboldened and somehow Ohio will have card check (even though we’ll still have a legislature controlled by the Republicans and Kasich as Governor.)  Then the Dispatch reported how Kasich threatened the same meeting of business leaders that if Issue 2 is defeated, he’ll have to raise the Commercial Activities Tax (CAT) on businesses in order to bail out the pensions (even though SB 5 doesn’t do anything to make the State’s pension funds any more solvent.)

Not content with threats of card check and higher taxes, yesterday the Canton Repository reported that Kasich upped the ante in a meeting with its editorial board to push them to endorse Issue 2:

Gov. John Kasich, in a meeting Thursday with The Repository’s editorial board, said he believes that if voters reject Senate Bill 5 in November, it will hurt job creation and Ohio’s economy.

“If we don’t win this, the setback is how does Ohio get labeled in the minds of companies around this country. Is it a slow heavy labor state? Which tends to scare decision makers, CEOs,” said Kasich, who was accompanied to The Repository’s newsroom only by his press secretary, Rob Nichols. “It’s just important we win this. I mean if we don’t win, it it’ll be a setback to economic growth. But I think we’re going to win.

Kasich then goes on and blasts the OEA for supposedly lying about what’s in SB 5.  Seriously, Kasich has no shame and no clue.  He’s a political science major.  He’s never owned a business.  His only private sector position was the eight years at Lehman Brothers in which the people there have said in interviews admitted Kasich really didn’t have the slightest clue about the business.

“If you take a look at the opposition, it’s emotional, not fact-based.”—Governor Kasich on Issue 2 (with no sense of irony.)

To say that it will be the defeat of Issue 2 that might slide Ohio back into a recession is just pathetic fear mongering.  What Kasich’s really trying to do is to set the table to blame Ohio’s worsening economy on the defeat of Issue 2 and not his budget and the failure of his own economic policies.  He knows it’s coming.  He has no reason to believe that August’s jobs report won’t show that unemployment in Ohio will have gone up for the third month in a row.


Clearly, this is all We Are Ohio's fault, and not John Kasich's failed economic policies.

His staff has seen the same jobs data since May that I reviewed showing troubling trends in the labor market (massive dropping out of the labor force, and significant drops in the number of employed Ohioans while the number of unemployed Ohioans have grown.)

Kasich continues to defend his generous package to Diebold saying they were prepared to leave until he got involved.  Unfortunately for the Governor, public records and statements by the company show otherwise.

If John Kasich thinks he’s helping Issue 2 with his self-serving political ads and these speeches, I can only say I hope he doubles his efforts from this week.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m just making a guess, but I would say that most Ohioans already believe that Ohio is in recession, has been, and will continue to be for a long time.

    Kasich knows it too.  This way, while Ohio continues its economic struggle, he can point to the defeat of SB 5 and say, “See, I told you so!”

    It is not enough to sign a petition.  We need to encourage others to VOTE NO on Nov. 8th!

  • Anonymous

    Kasick is a pathological lier.  Let’s all pray for him to change because he can’t do it himself.  He was born that way.  Only a Higher Power can help him and us.  🙂  What a loser, too bad Ohio voters who didn’t vote in 2010 made him a winner.  The no shows need  to show up  in November and cast their vote to defeat Issue 2.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one, or do others find it hard to follow Kasich’s ramblings (yes, I think it may be others, too)?  I really have to concentrate to find any continuity in his speeches (except for: “I mean, I mean, I mean”).  Man! This barnyard savage can’t really be Governor, can he?  He would make a better “Crypt Master”.  What does this say for OSU if they have sunken so low as to let Kasich slip through?  What were they thinking?
    The guy is just too bizarre. 
    By the way, have I said that I don’t like him?

  • Progressive Willy

    Kasich is a classic bully.  I’d even go as far as to say his actions are similar to those of terrorists.  People who commit terrorist acts are actually weak; they receive a sense of power from the fear they instill in others.  I hope he finds out what a loser he is on November 8 – vote NO on 2!

  • Anonymous

    How long does a “recession” have to last and how deep does it have to get before you call it what we really have and have had in Ohio since January?  A recession might be an improvement over the depression we are in now.  Don’t just vote “No” in November, collar everyone who you see and make sure they know to vote “No”, too.  You can bet your last dollar that John Kasich will do the same to defeat Issue 2!

  • Adrienne

    We are already in one, dumbass.

    Where are the jobs, Prince John?

    Oops I forgot, there is no recession because you and your friends have jobs.

  • Adrienne

    There isn’t enough prayer to fix him. He’s evil.  People voted for evil or didn’t vote at all.

  • Annekarina

    I was going to say, many of us think we are in a recession.  Not enough money to buy gas, food, pay the rent……try it sometime kasich.

  • Annekarina

    This used to be the way  politicians and government employees like the IRS spoke.   Now it is branching out into business management.   Ramble…ramble…catch me if you can….ramble…..ramble………it is the gov’s way.

  • What? We are not in a recession? Really? If this what we are now  and have been living in is not a recession then…. Maybe we need to say the word depression because the only way I see our economy going especially under the grand poo baa is down and depression is the last thing left.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute — wasn’t it Diebold who got tens of millions of our money to build an extravagant new headquarters — if they promised to shed NO MORE THAN 500 jobs? How does that help the economy?

  • Anonymous

    I think Kasich’s ramblings are the funniest thing about him. I saved his state of the state speech and go back and read it when I need a chuckle. “I’m not sleeping in a barn and I’m not wearing that silly hat that Voinovich wore either.”

    Here’s one section I noticed the last time I read it through:
    “And let me just have you think about this: If you’ve spent a
    lifetime building a business, let’s say you’ve built Cardinal Health. You built it from the trunk of your
    car and you created something that has lifted families and allowed families to educate their kids, and
    who knows what’s happened with those kids, huh? Maybe they’re doctors. Maybe they’re teachers. Maybe
    they’re policemen and firemen that will run into a building and save somebody.” 

    Yeah, and maybe our governor will try to punish them by taking away their right to collective bargaining. Nah …. that’d never happen.


  • Fotogirlcb2002

    this was the same crossroads place he did another ad — a campaign ad —
    to bad they didnt forget wher ehe was and left him there!
    just exactly what is that ad about ?

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    he only hired liars ,,,also

  • Progressive Willy

    You can add teacher pensions to that list also.  If he’d (Kasich) kept his hands out of STRS I like to think it would be in better financial shape also.  

    Public pension reform proposals have been around for two years.  Kasich has had nine months to address them, yet he hasn’t done so.  Union members cannot be blamed for the government’s lack of action on these proposals.  

  • Anonymous

    I for one LOVE that Kasich is putting his face out there on the airwaves during this Issue 2 campaign. Ohioans can’t stand him, and it will remind them that they have a way to show him their distaste in both his bullying tactics, and in him as a person: by rejecting Issue 2.

  • Anonymous

    I think he was out cow-tipping, and they just happened to have a camera. Figured they might as well make a commercial so they could write off the gas mileage.

  • Delco

    “If you take a look at the opposition, it’s emotional, not fact-based.”  More “opposite speak” from the Ministry of Truth.   

  • Delco

    I sometimes have to read his comments three and four times to figure out what the heck he is trying to say.  I have often thought that maybe everyone else is backward-masking his subliminal messages and I am the idiot in the room missing his brilliant reverse-speak. 

  • He’s an R; all he can do is break stuff; then he says it’s broken, and his fix is to rob or privatize our stuff so that the real people will work themselves to death which will make his rich masters happy. Happy masters = more R’s elected= a job for him and his evil minions. 

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • tarfam325

    We need to run a commercial against Issue 2 that shows the AVERAGE salary of public employees compared to the AVERAGE salary of Ohio legislators.  Then we need to highlight briefly the many sacrifices Ohio’s public employees have made over the past several years already (i.e.. many have had wages frozen or reduced, many have accepted higher deductibles  and premiums on insurance etc…)  PLUS, compare the percentage of payment for health care (15% that the Governor keeps spouting) vs. coverage for legislators.  It is easy to pay 15% of your health care when you have a top-of-the-line policy with no deductibles or co-pays etc… and you have a VERY high salary and can vote to give yourself a raise with no negotiations whatsoever.  Compare that to their proposal to eliminate any collective bargaining so local governments can vote to REDUCE our wages and benefits with no negotiation whatsoever… and this is a Democracy? Also, we need to highlight how Kasich claims to have “erased” an 8 billion dollar deficit that never existed partially by TAKING CAPTIVE the Local Government Fund that has been in effect since 1934 and we need to show that while this WILL cause hardship on local governments and cause them to come to taxpayers to help address the HUGE loss in funding because of this move, our Governor is also INCREASING funding to PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT, FAILING charter schools, (who just so happened to be a HUGE contributor to his campaign) and wages and salaries and positions for CONSULTANTS and LAWYERS who support him, as well as giving HUGE tax breaks to local, multi-billion dollar corporations. Finally, we need a commercial outlining the THOUSANDS of public employees who have already LOST their jobs thanks to the effects of SB5 and show that THIS IS hurting public employees already and will only get worse…thanks to our Governor’s personal agenda to ‘get back” at those who opposed him and “take care” of those who contributed to his campaign.  Unless this kind of information gets out, we are going to still have many people who believe the message that the public sector must be run like the private sector… and EVERYONE will suffer because everyone knows the “private sector” is run exactly how the Governor plans to run our state… by taking care of the people who give him money and support him, rather than the common, everyday “employee” who he was elected to represent.  You tell me, is THAT what’s best for Ohio????

  • Maybe if our governor n legislatures would lead by example n toss their pensions into social security, work for 19,000  year…n pay n do everything they r inflictn on public civil workers…lol..wait…clearly, theyd all b fired…

  • Maybe if our governor n legislatures would lead by example n toss their pensions into social security, work for 19,000  year…n pay n do everything they r inflictn on public civil workers…lol..wait…clearly, theyd all b fired…

  • PrivateSectorWins

    Waaaa… I’m a
    union worker; I need to have MOB threat force for my job because I’m not good
    enough to compete via competence and work-ethic… Cry me a river…  Truth is it typically takes 2-3 union workers
    to do the job of 1 non-union worker.

    You expect the
    majority private sector to give a flying-hoot about you cry-babies?  You get paid more than most of the median
    HOUSEHOLD (that means more than one person typically) income of $45K in
    Ohio.  Private sector pays 50% toward
    their insurance, you don’t.  Private
    sector has to budget, invest, and save for retirement while you get the average
    of your last 3 years of salary for the rest of your life.  Then let’s talk about teachers who only work
    180 days of the year, yet get paid more than median average private sector who
    works all year.  Most of you public-gov-union workers retire in your 50’s while the rest of Ohio has to wait until they’re in their 60’s.

    Your abuse
    tactics are coming to an end…  You don’t like this message, so I’m sure I’ll get death threats, as that’s your tactic over proof of capability…

  • PrivateSectorWins

    Ooooh, a moderator….  Yeah, I’m sure my post won’t go up.  Hide the sheep from the truth about what the private sector thinks of them…

    We have to make sure we keep getting union-dues (paid by tax-payers) to keep the sheep in line thinking they need us over ability to maintain their jobs…

  • Comments are moderated unless you’re added to the cleared-list. And with your fake email address and your abusive language, that’s pretty unlikely.

    Do me a favor? Try saying something intelligent instead of just spouting off mindless, anti-union BS next time.

  • the people of ohio are smart enough to know that this is a bad bill  and yes we know that things are tough but the GOV is just trying to destroy  what we have left 

  • OhioanVoters

    Senate Bill 5 (SB5, i.e. Issue 2) and other major issues that we face today are the result of the economic collapse that began in September 2008 that has resulted in the enormous job losses throughout the United States and Ohio. The economic meltdown began on the weekend after Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and, as Maria Bartiromo of CNBC reports in the Frontline documentary ‘The Weekend That Changed Wall Street’:
    ‘It was an ‘Oh my god’ moment. Bankers finally realized the implications of Lehman going bankrupt’
    Maria also writes in her book about the disastrous truths that some companies were hiding.
    Now a federal judge has decided to allow a securities fraud class-action lawsuit against the former officers and directors of Lehman Brothers to move forward.
    Ohioans may recall that John Kasich was a managing director of Lehman Brothers during the alleged securities fraud.
    Ohioans should also be aware that Kasich, who signed the controversial SB5 into law, also exhibits a gross lack of concern and common sense for the education and safety of children as exposed on the web page ‘Cowardice Is Contagious’ at
    That politician favors school vouchers, which draw money away from public schools, while he supports and remains silent about the private school that got caught harboring several known repeat child molesters while deceiving and defrauding the parents about it for 10 years.
    Refer to ‘The ABCs Of Betrayal’ at for the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence (including audio recordings) against those school administrators who remain in power, remain as a serious threat to unsuspecting consumers, and remain as horrible examples to all students on how to treat your business customers and your fellow man.

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