Governor Kasich’s fearmongering continues on Issue 2.  For the third time in two days, another news report of Kasich making outrageous predictions about what Ohio will look like after Issue 2 is defeated.

Two days ago, we wrote about how the Dispatch reported that Kasich said if Issue 2 is defeated on November 8th, then it means the private sector labor unions will get emboldened and somehow Ohio will have card check (even though we’ll still have a legislature controlled by the Republicans and Kasich as Governor.)  Then the Dispatch reported how Kasich threatened the same meeting of business leaders that if Issue 2 is defeated, he’ll have to raise the Commercial Activities Tax (CAT) on businesses in order to bail out the pensions (even though SB 5 doesn’t do anything to make the State’s pension funds any more solvent.)

Not content with threats of card check and higher taxes, yesterday the Canton Repository reported that Kasich upped the ante in a meeting with its editorial board to push them to endorse Issue 2:

Gov. John Kasich, in a meeting Thursday with The Repository’s editorial board, said he believes that if voters reject Senate Bill 5 in November, it will hurt job creation and Ohio’s economy.

“If we don’t win this, the setback is how does Ohio get labeled in the minds of companies around this country. Is it a slow heavy labor state? Which tends to scare decision makers, CEOs,” said Kasich, who was accompanied to The Repository’s newsroom only by his press secretary, Rob Nichols. “It’s just important we win this. I mean if we don’t win, it it’ll be a setback to economic growth. But I think we’re going to win.

Kasich then goes on and blasts the OEA for supposedly lying about what’s in SB 5.  Seriously, Kasich has no shame and no clue.  He’s a political science major.  He’s never owned a business.  His only private sector position was the eight years at Lehman Brothers in which the people there have said in interviews admitted Kasich really didn’t have the slightest clue about the business.

“If you take a look at the opposition, it’s emotional, not fact-based.”—Governor Kasich on Issue 2 (with no sense of irony.)

To say that it will be the defeat of Issue 2 that might slide Ohio back into a recession is just pathetic fear mongering.  What Kasich’s really trying to do is to set the table to blame Ohio’s worsening economy on the defeat of Issue 2 and not his budget and the failure of his own economic policies.  He knows it’s coming.  He has no reason to believe that August’s jobs report won’t show that unemployment in Ohio will have gone up for the third month in a row.


Clearly, this is all We Are Ohio's fault, and not John Kasich's failed economic policies.

His staff has seen the same jobs data since May that I reviewed showing troubling trends in the labor market (massive dropping out of the labor force, and significant drops in the number of employed Ohioans while the number of unemployed Ohioans have grown.)

Kasich continues to defend his generous package to Diebold saying they were prepared to leave until he got involved.  Unfortunately for the Governor, public records and statements by the company show otherwise.

If John Kasich thinks he’s helping Issue 2 with his self-serving political ads and these speeches, I can only say I hope he doubles his efforts from this week.

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