One of the biggest pieces of feedback we receive via email and on our Facebook page is “why is [insert offensive advertisement] running on your site?”  The explanation we share with people individually we now have on our Advertise page:

Quick note on Google Ads:  We run ads from the Google network when there are not direct placement ads available for a given banner ad spot.  This allows us to still generate revenue while seeking qualified progressive advertisers.  We often hear feedback from our readers that they don’t like an ad that Google places there.  These are contextual ads and Google does not consider whether ideologies match a particular site.  We can block specific ads, but it is a tedious process and also limits our ability to generate revenue.  The easiest way to prevent ads you don’t agree with from appearing on the site is to encourage progressive campaigns, businesses, and organizations to support Plunderbund by advertising!

We don’t like running ads that are counter to our collective activism any more than our readers do.  Our strategy since the beginning of last year has been to define spots for ads to run in and sell them to qualified progressive organizations, campaign, or businesses.  When these spots aren’t sold directly we insert Google Ad code so that there is some kind of revenue coming in so that we can grow the site.

You will notice that as of today 4 of 5 ad spots are now what our readers would consider “friendlies”.  Thanks to We Are Ohio for taking the leaderboard (top of site) and 300×250 positions and helping us get rid of those pesky ads readers love to hate.  As always, we encourage you to support our advertisers!

We will continue to strive to make sure our advertisers are relevant and generally supported by our readership.  You can help us continue to do that by spreading the word and encouraging groups you know to advertise on PB!

Thanks for reading and for letting me share this bit of inside PB baseball.  Now back to your regularly scheduled GOP hypocrisy.

– Eric