Labor Day weekend is the traditional start of the campaign session, especially the paid television spots.  Today, We Are Ohio announced that they would use the Labor Day weekend to remind people the reason for the season.

According to various media reports, it’s an impressive initial statewide ad buy.  The Dispatch reported yesterday that We Are Ohio is spending $60,000 to air this ad through Sept. 12 (with a blackout on Sept. 11), on WBNS in Columbus alone.

We’re only sixty-seven days away from the election.  Right now, all public polling data shows a clear majority of Ohioans oppose Issue 2.  So what does the Building a Better Ohio campaign do in response?  Announce the launch of their media campaign?  Nope, they issue a rambling press release.

As for when Building a Better Ohio will go on the air?  [Source: Columbus Dispatch]

Jason Mauk, spokesman for Building a Better Ohio, the GOP-centric group formed to defend Senate Bill 5, said there will be commercials in favor of the law “soon” but declined to disclose the exact timing.

Yeah, cause there’s absolutely no way people will be watching much television during this weekend, what with the opening weekend of college football and all.   I mean, this isn’t just like biggest three-day weekend before the election.  Down double digits in consistently all polling all year with only a couple of months left, the pro-SB 5 side has all the time in the world.  Clearly, it totally makes sense for the Building a Better Ohio campaign to cede the airwaves to We Are Ohio this weekend. 

Say, you don’t think this isn’t tactical do you?  I mean, you don’t think it may be because with a 35% approval rating Kasich is having trouble raising money for one of the most toxic and controversial pieces of legislation to pass in Ohio history?  Nah, couldn’t be that…

When you’re down double digits in the polls, and your opponent is on the air around Labor Day and you aren’t, and you have virtually no grassroots support or public events, you’re in sad shape for a political campaign, my friend.  In sad shape.