Labor Day weekend is the traditional start of the campaign session, especially the paid television spots.  Today, We Are Ohio announced that they would use the Labor Day weekend to remind people the reason for the season.

According to various media reports, it’s an impressive initial statewide ad buy.  The Dispatch reported yesterday that We Are Ohio is spending $60,000 to air this ad through Sept. 12 (with a blackout on Sept. 11), on WBNS in Columbus alone.

We’re only sixty-seven days away from the election.  Right now, all public polling data shows a clear majority of Ohioans oppose Issue 2.  So what does the Building a Better Ohio campaign do in response?  Announce the launch of their media campaign?  Nope, they issue a rambling press release.

As for when Building a Better Ohio will go on the air?  [Source: Columbus Dispatch]

Jason Mauk, spokesman for Building a Better Ohio, the GOP-centric group formed to defend Senate Bill 5, said there will be commercials in favor of the law “soon” but declined to disclose the exact timing.

Yeah, cause there’s absolutely no way people will be watching much television during this weekend, what with the opening weekend of college football and all.   I mean, this isn’t just like biggest three-day weekend before the election.  Down double digits in consistently all polling all year with only a couple of months left, the pro-SB 5 side has all the time in the world.  Clearly, it totally makes sense for the Building a Better Ohio campaign to cede the airwaves to We Are Ohio this weekend. 

Say, you don’t think this isn’t tactical do you?  I mean, you don’t think it may be because with a 35% approval rating Kasich is having trouble raising money for one of the most toxic and controversial pieces of legislation to pass in Ohio history?  Nah, couldn’t be that…

When you’re down double digits in the polls, and your opponent is on the air around Labor Day and you aren’t, and you have virtually no grassroots support or public events, you’re in sad shape for a political campaign, my friend.  In sad shape.

  • Anonymous

    Wait till the Koch brothers start pumping in the money!!! This year labor day better mean a lot more to people. Ef we sit back and let them take wages and benefits back to the time of the 1950’s , it will take years to recover.

  • Modern, I tend to agree with clr1390.  The KBs and other right wing groups will be pumping big bucks soon.  The one (and I think) crucial advantage we have is the large, well organized grass roots campaign that will make sure our side turns out.  We’ll have the door t0 door, phone banking, leaflet handouts and other 1 on 1 contacts the other side can only dream about.  At a minimum, if we can match them ad for ad we should be OK…

    On another matter, I would like your read on the “deal” reached today with Cuyahoga County and the SOS regarding the absentee ballot requests.  Do you trust Husted to keep his word?  Was there something put in writing?  I am dubious…Please give us your take…Jim, Columbus

  • Anonymous

    I love this commercial, it is 100% true. One of those points that is hard to explain to the pro-SB5 crowd.  There is no bargaining or guarantees for manpower issues. In my city nearly every police car after 3PM is staffed with two officers. Attacks on officers are up, so it is 100% a safety issue. But under SB5 some penny pincher sitting in an office can decide you will all go out here by yourself and apprehend these violent criminals.

    keep these commercials coming!!!

  • Anonymous

    The commercial was well done without being preachy or making outrageous claims.  I, too, was struck by BABO’s statement that their commercials were “coming soon” – some comeback!  Something like, “I know you are but what am I?”  I was expecting the Koch Bros. to pour the money in like the recall elections in Wisconsin, but maybe this is too much of a lost cause and they are abandoning Kasich on this one.

  • luv2teach

    We should not take anything for granted.  Remember Kasick’s slippery moves to get the law passed in the first place.  We need to work hard the next 2 months.

  • leeseh

    I agree.  They aren’t passing this up without a reason. They have plenty of money, even if they don’t have public support, so that is probably not the reason.

  • Anonymous

    Just went to the BABO website – they claim their Treasurer is J Matthew Yuskewich at 4679 Winterset Dr, Columbus – except there is no such name and no such address.  Hmmmm, Plunderguys, do some digging!

  • According to Yahoo maps there is. Yuskewich is a CPA and his name and address (4679 Winterset Dr) popped up.  I live within 2 miles of that address and can easily drive by and see for sure..Jim, Columbus

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Ok folks  it has started — Shannon Jones — the wonderful ( sarcasm) senator who broke open this mess– has sent out a 11 x14 folded  sb5 propaganda . Its sent to all Warren county people ( her home county )
    says that all union employees got a 26.43% growth in wages from 2000 to 2009. ?? and where did she get that info? I looked on bureau of labor — cant find that. I also cant find who paid for the large flyer or who printed it ( prob the states printing facility )
    also says firefighter increase was 29.20% , police 29.12%, teachers 24.57%,
    private sector was 22.36 % increase. she has inflation listed as 19.54% all for the same time period 2000 to 2009.
    ok so according to the new site my pay went down in 2008 due to cost saving days –and got no raises so how does she get we got pay increases??  
    On one of the sites she has listed — Ohio Labor Market– says police average income yearly is $53,000 — fire fighters $42,000 — highway workers $37,000–
    Of course she wants to interject the retirement phase of these people —  but according to the new site she makes over $85,000 and she will get a nice pension seeing as she only pays that 10% shes complaining about.
    The striking issue she has listed — you know if the public believes this they arent paying attention. I am state employed and its always in every contract ” no strike no lockout”
    same stuff again we pay 10% on pensions private sector is more 14% –I question this — I ask people and most dont really know what they pay.Also listed again is the longevity issue — when that is in effect its like 1.5% — after a certain time thats out.
    AND we do NOT use union dues for political gains — uh its illegal. I can give to a Peoples Fund that does support candidates and you know what they arent all democrats !!  
    I would also like to say here that there are 5 people running( all republicans ) for Clearcreek Township Trustee,,one of which is Russell Jones — yup her husband– I hope all in Warren county will support Jason Gabbard.
    I invite all folks here to look up bureau of labor etc and see if you can tell how she complied these figures. 

  • Anonymous

    He’s there.  He’s also Treasurer of the Ohio House Republican Campaign Committee.

  • Adrienne

    Hope so. Prince John looks bad and is bad for Ohio. 

  • Adrienne

    Thanks Modern. 

  • Anonymous

    thank you, I will say that I went to the franklin Co. auditor’s site, assuming the address was a home.  Didn’t think about it being a business.

  • Rescueinc1

    Jason Mauk is an idiot! Kasich is going to wipe his ass with Mauk when we the dust settles. Kasich ONLY clings to those he can squeeze money out of…(Keep an eye on our pension !) They are laying the lies on pretty thick, love nothing more than informing an uneducated tea-bagger ( I am aware that there are no educated tea-baggers) and helping them work through all the BS lies from the right. Just remember, the battle lies ahead for us to get this repealed, and EVERY time Kasich opens his mouth….a Democrat is born! God bless my brothers and sisters in this fight for our lives!

  • Progressive Willy

    We can’t let our guard down now.  Two OEA-sponsored Issue 2 training sessions in NW Ohio had to be cancelled…CANCELLED…because of low response.  The purpose of the training sessions was to explain the friends, family and neighbors campaign as well as how to effectively talk about Issue 2.  The events were rescheduled, but, c’mon!  Low response?  We ain’t gonna win that way, folks.  

  • Don’t you just love it when people just blatantly lie. So glad she is not a teacher.

  • leeseh

    If I read correctly, several comments were about not taking anything for granted and concern about thinking it was over already.  So your comment is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    My read is that with this “deal” we may have blown the Cuyahoga turnout. There is nothing on the Cleveland ballot this November — no elections at all. People have no reason to come to the polls, and without a mailing, they won’t. Let’s hope we can make this up elsewhere. Actually, the deal as is benefits the Republicans. They can’t STOP Cuyahoga from mailing ballot applications so by agreeing to mail them to everyone, including the Republican counties which aren’t doing it now, they balance out the Democratic advantage on that score. Husted will not renege on this deal.

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