From the daily archives: Thursday, September 1, 2011

Balancing it with “no time” money.

Like prison privatization proceeds that was supposed to be nearly $200 million?  Or State revenues from growth in the economy that has already not  performed as projected?  For the last two months, Kasich has been touring the national political circuit telling anyone who’d book him that he solved Ohio’s “unprecedented” budget crisis.   Apparently, Kasich forgot that a budget is a plan, and not necessarily the reality.  Before you declare your budget is balanced, perhaps you should wait a month into it first.  Had Kasich done that, Kasich would have realized  Full Story...

Josh Mandel really took the hammer to common sense yesterday. In the morning his office unveiled a new tool on the Treasurer’s website that allows viewers to search every public employee in the state by name and see how much they made each year working for the state. With the help of the ultra-conservative think tank The Buckeye Institute, Mandel’s office made public the salaries of teachers, police officers, fire fighters, nurses, and even elected officials available for everyone to see. Except for one small group of people – campaign staff from Mandel’s 2010 campaign that had been given […]

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You may remember that the Kasich budget proposal featured the potential privatization of five state prisons. The administration estimated that the sale of prisons to private operators would result in $200 million for the state, with $50 million of that going to fill the general fund budget hole and the rest staying with the Department of Correction, whose budget was otherwise hit pretty hard.

Today we learned that the administration has reviewed the bids and found only one proposal worth acting upon: they will sell the Lake Erie Correctional Institution […]

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