People who run for President tend to be rich. And it always seems to come up in political ads and political jabs.

Maddow made a joke tonight about Mitt Romney as Thurston B. Howell, III, the rich guy from Gilligan’s Island.

It was a cute segment and hit on some important points about the ultra rich and the problems they face when running for higher office. But I think she could have up with a much better example: John Kerry.

Here’s Kerry and Romney.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Mitt Romney’s house on Lake Winnipesaukee. Notice anything familiar in the picture?

I’m no expert on wind-powered water craft, but that looks a windsurfing board.

Remember this photo?

Given Romney’s lack of support from hard-core conservatives specifically over his lack of direction, flip-flopping and tendency to go “whichever way the wind blows”, the attacks ads against candidate Romney are going to write themselves.

Bring on the Romney doing rich-guy stuff photos!