People who run for President tend to be rich. And it always seems to come up in political ads and political jabs.

Maddow made a joke tonight about Mitt Romney as Thurston B. Howell, III, the rich guy from Gilligan’s Island.

It was a cute segment and hit on some important points about the ultra rich and the problems they face when running for higher office. But I think she could have up with a much better example: John Kerry.

Here’s Kerry and Romney.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Mitt Romney’s house on Lake Winnipesaukee. Notice anything familiar in the picture?

I’m no expert on wind-powered water craft, but that looks a windsurfing board.

Remember this photo?

Given Romney’s lack of support from hard-core conservatives specifically over his lack of direction, flip-flopping and tendency to go “whichever way the wind blows”, the attacks ads against candidate Romney are going to write themselves.

Bring on the Romney doing rich-guy stuff photos!

  • Anastasjoy

    Well, it seems to be OK to be rich if you advocate only for the rich. They only start attacking rich people when they have the gall to suggest the wealth should be shared, like Al Gore and John Edwards and John Kerry did. Rich people should stand up for other rich people!

  • Anonymous

    Romney also plans to expand the size of his beach house in La Jolla, California (see  He may suffer from the same affliction McCain had—-ownership of tooooooo many homes.  With a lot of Americans losing their homes to foreclosure, it will be hard for them and Romney to relate to each other.

  • Right, because it’s apparently hypocritical to be rich, and yet support social programs, or advocate increasing taxes on wealthy people.

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