The Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9 represents 28 law-enforcement agencies in Franklin County.

Last year they endorsed 19 Republicans and 6 Democrats.

This morning, one year later, they endorsed 13 Democrats and 3 Republicans – including Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman and four Columbus City Council members – all Democrats who have shown their support for public employee unions by rejecting Senate Bill 5.

Back in March we interviewed Jim Gilbert, President of FOP Lodge 9, about his organization’s decision to withdraw their 2010 endorsement of Republican State Senator Kevin Bacon over his support of the union-busting bill. We asked Jim if SB5 would have any impact on his endorsements in future election cycles. He didn’t have to think about the question too long before he responded: “definitely.”

“We’re going to hold them accountable,” said Jim. “hold them responsible for their statements and their actions.”

Based on today’s endorsements from Lodge #9, it looks like Jim kept his promise – unlike many of the Republican candidates Lodge #9 endorsed in 2010.