Last night we hosted our friends from Wellstone Action! and their Camp Wellstone participants at a reception on the OSU campus at The Little Bar.  The nice weather allowed us to be outside and enjoy some great conversation, networking, and of course campus people watching.  The food was great, the beer was flowing, and it appeared everyone had a good time getting a nice break from the training to socialize.

The crowd gathering at The Little Bar patio

The crowd included Camp Wellstone participants, Plunderbund staff, a state representative, and at least two aspiring officeholders.  I was able to make my way around to most and listen and participant in the many conversations that were going on.  It sounded like a fun and productive time.  We gave away 3 new Plunderbund T shirts in an impromptu trivia contest.  (More info on how to get a new PB tee coming soon!)

State Representative Michael Stinziano talks to Plunderbund's ModernEsquire

Paul Worley and Shandell Jamal, our two Camp Wellstone Scholarship recipients were both on hand and we are really proud of them both for how they engaged with the camp.  They have both agreed to write a post about their experiences at the camp for our readers.  I think it will be good insight to hear from them and we look forward to it.  From what we observed on Saturday, this camp is a very valuable resource and we couldn’t be happier to support it in the way we have.

Scholarship winner Shandell Jamal sporting her new PB tee!

We want to thank the folks at Wellstone Action! for their help in pulling this together and for being really great to work with.  We also want to thank everyone who participated in camp and those who came out for the reception.  We had a great time and enjoyed all the conversations!  Last but certainly not least, we want to thank our great readers and fans for their support.  The site growing as it has and our ability to earn revenue through advertising allows us to do cool stuff like this.  We look forward to continuing our momentum and being able to do more of this in the future!