In an effort to lay the groundwork that somehow the “We Are Ohio” campaign, and not John Kasich, has been unreasonable on SB 5, the Dispatch continues with its myth that Governor John Kasich suddenly wants to compromise on SB 5 in order to avoid an Issue 2 campaign.

Note that this story doesn’t name a single source.

Yesterday, sources told Dispatch reporters that informal discussions between two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5 and representatives from the Ohio Education Association and the AFL-CIO took place about six weeks ago, but labor backed away.

We’ve never written a story that just cited “sources” without given some sense of whom these people might be so you can judge their comments for obvious bias.  Were these labor sources?  Chances are no.  Were they Kasich Administration or Republican legislative sources?  If so, why won’t they go more on background?  Why the secrecy?  Why not just go on record?  And what were they willing to offer?

I mean, seriously, blogs are more responsible than this Dispatch story is.  Assuming for argument that this story is even true, don’t you need to know what the Administration’s “offer” was to properly understand why labor might walk away from the table?  I mean, what if it was in essence no real offer at all and this meeting was nothing more than an Administration’s attempt to create a story to be published by friendly media outlet to create a narrative that paints the Administration in an undeserved, yet favorable, light?

And what does this say about Senate Bill 5?  How does the Building a Better Ohio continue to maintain that SB 5 is necessary reform “as is” while the Administration supposedly admits that there are provisions that should be jettisoned?

Setting aside the issue, from just a perspective of Kasich’s leadership, Kasich is engaged in the worst form of negotiating tactics: he’s literally negotiating with himself.  “We Are Ohio” is sitting on a roughly 24-point lead in the polls.  The first rule of entering into a negotiation is first deciding whether to negotiate (i.e.- what can you really expect to achieve in a negotiation), and you cannot do that if your Kasich without looking at your hand.

Kasich has an approval rating stuck in the 30s all year and a growing disapproval rating at 50%.  A clear majority of Ohioans through multiple polling outfits, including conservative ones, shows they support a total repeal of bill. Is the animosity and “bad blood” from a potential campaign really going to be that much more than what has already been created by how this bill was railroaded through the legislature which, among one of its lowest points, including the Administration’s efforts to lock out the people from the Statehouse during a legislative session?

If “We Are Ohio” wins the ballot, as the polls shows it appears it would do comfortably, then they can get everything they want.  The only card Kasich can play is that a newly elected Governor with a 35% approval rating (and dropping) and a 50% disapproval rating (and rising) can engineer a change in the political environment that he can create a chance that “We Are Ohio” could lose it all if Issue #2 goes to the ballot.  If Kasich thinks there are portions of SB 5 that should be repealed, then he should call the legislature into session and repeal those provisions.  He doesn’t need We Are Ohio’s blessing to do so.  That would be real leadership.  So, what exactly can Kasich offer the “We Are Ohio” campaign that they don’t appear capable of achieving on their own without a deal?  And, again, when is the Dispatch going to admit that the remaining three weeks of this month makes any deal virtually impossible to reach, especially given that the General Assembly isn’t even in session?

Instead, he’s trying to negotatiate a deal when the only card he has to play is the uncertainty of a political campaign that everyone admits presently favors the other side.  After months of dismissing the people and publicly degrading them, and publicly dismissing them as politically irrelevant, he now brings them to his negotiating table and says, “I want to cut a deal?”  Can you imagine a negotiation more doomed to fail than this one?

But, again, assuming for argument that this happened, the Dispatch glosses over the real story here.  The story isn’t that labor isn’t willing to cut a deal with Kasich.  It’s that Senate Bill 5 has so weakened Governor Kasich and all his bluster, that he’s supposedly been reduced to privately reach out to labor to cut a deal, to cut the legs out from under Shannon Jones and all his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly that he twisted their arms to pass this bill, whom he reassured that if they stuck their necks out for him with this vote they’d politically be fine.  If John Kasich’s Administration went to any bargaining table to labor to try to work on a post-enactment compromise of SB 5, he did so with his tail between their legs and on his knees begging. That’s the real story.

Kasich is begging labor to let him off the hook.  If the Dispatch‘s story has any truth to it, then that’s what is occurring.  John Kasich isn’t some heroic compromiser as the Dispatch has been trying to portray him.  If anything about the Dispatch story is true, Kasich is nothing more than a weakened political beggar.  There’s your New Way, New Day.  Within seven months, Kasich has been reduced to begging labor to let him escape from what he’s been fundraising to his activist base is one of his biggest accomplishments so far.

Maybe Kasich should consider taking out a full-page ad apologizing to the teachers unions.

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  • ?”John Kasich isn’t some heroic compromiser as the Dispatch has been trying to portray him.”^He most definitely is not some heroic compromiser! KasicK is an authoritarian, corporate-owned, dictator thug.

  • Sluggo

    The time to deal was in December when they had strength and an agenda that included the budget and pension reform, both of which were bound to be unpopular. A strategic thinker would have contacted the unions and asked them to the table to cut a deal on collective bargaining so they had enough political capital to win the budget and pension fights.  If they had put pensions on the table with collective bargaining, all the better.

    Instead, our arrogant governor and the radical elements in his party went the shock and awe route.

    Now, as you say, the governor is negotiating with himself via proxy from a position of weakness.  This ignores whether a deal was really ever achievable. 

    In order for a deal to work, the governor would have to publicly get behind it.  Can anyone imagine that Kasich would come out of the shadows and congratulate OEA and OFT on being part of the solution in an SB5 deal? Even after he had demanded they take a full page ad apologizing for things they said about him in the campaign (all of which turned out to be true)?  From a guy who said he wanted to “break the backs of organized labor in schools”?

    Who believes that the governor would negotiate in good faith?  

    What mechanism would the unions have to enforce a compromise deal?

    The Dispatch is right on one count – this whole thing is an unnecessary waste.  The general assembly spent all their political capital on a public employee bill that wasn’t necessary (SB5) and now have none left to pass the public employee bill that is necessary (pension solvency).  But, you are right – it’s not the union’s fault.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s say that SB 5 is repealed in Nov.  Will Kasich try to start over, be willing to negotiate and compromise with labor?  Maybe, but who will trust him enough to work with him now? 

    Seriously, with Kasich’s personality disorders, I can’t see him playing nice with anyone.  He’s screwed and he knows it. 

  • Anonymous

    I doubt that Kasich or anyone of his gang have been involved in any type of contact with anyone opposed to SB5.  The editorialist from the Dispatch is clearly spending too much time with Johnny Walker and Jim Beam.  He should be careful how he mixes his drinks (and the company he keeps).  He is delusionary if he believes there is any common ground to this issue.  There could have been, but that time passed the day that the election results came in last November and the Gang Of Pirates got what they thought was an unstoppable majority that could plunder Ohio as they wish. This is just a right wing pipe dream by another Rupert Murdoch want-to-be.

  • Annekarina

    I f johnny is negotiating with himself, then johnny has a problem and there are places and people and…stuff…to help him with that.  Just please, if it should come to that, please don’t release him to the public again.

  • luv2teach

    Can’t wait to see what is going to happen in Wisconsin today. Could be a message to the entire repub party-and if I were Kasuck I would be quite worried too!

  • Anonymous

    Is the Dispatch getting a little worried? If SB 5 is repealed, their idol, Kasich, will be a very lame duck?  The We Are Ohio people should keep in mind that Bruce Springsteen song, “No Retreat, No Surrender.” 

    Can you really trust anything from the Kasich administration or his PR department (the Dispatch)?

  • Anonymous

    “Who believes that the governor would negotiate in good faith? ”

    Jen Brunner

  • Modern Esquire


  • Anonymous

    More important the question should be: “Who believes that Kasich would negotiate?”).

  • Smoke screen to make unions look bad..another example of irresponsible unethical journalism. In stead of infoeming the public, they are misleadn them..the Columbus Dispatch? Noooo..a more appropriate name for the paper would be the COLUMBUS DISGRACE…If u subscribe cancel it, DO NOT BUY these LIES..They r using ur money against the people n workers rights…TIME to clean house..Turn off Fox, refuse the Disgrace, n do not support any business that supports SB 5…including the OHIO CHamber of Commerce..BOYCOTT any business who belongs, or supports SB 5. They are using ur money against workers rights…enough is enough..

  • Voter tampering..paasch was winning by a landslide n that same county that has too many votes for the Surpreme court justice race, found 14000 votes a week later to overturn the Dem winner, again, last night held votes for 1-2 hours..Darling was losing 73percent, then 52 percent, then 58percent with Passch a matter of moments, Darling who was questioned when she won her last election due to so many votes in Passchs favor..won making up n surpassing Passch who clearly was going to win by thousands in just moments…The same county who held votes last night, for no reason. The waukesha county who keeps reappearring as the county who keeps cheatn without any remorse. Darling was cheated in..Paasch had it period by a landslide…Soo luv2 teach…they cheated them again…the numbers to NOT ADD UP AGAIN… n nothing happens.. nothn happens to the surpreme court justice for choking another, n nothn happens to Kristy again…No justice? No peace… I also believe Kings votes were tampered with…we will see in the next few weeks… CORRUPTIOn runs deep n the whole world watched last night, n NOTHING HAPPENS..WHY?

  • Well Jen, wasnt it you that commented Kasich n stated he cares about the people? hoping uve come to ur senses..this is a good start…

  • ditto..i honestly think its just another crock of sources listed..just stirring the pot..The Whole worlds watchn n WE will stand as 1 united and show the world what DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE.. NO CHEATN in WISCONSIN AGAIN…Thank Goodness Jon Husted is taking his job seriously n will not cheat for Kasich like that Kristy woman in Wauk. County in Wisconsin…Jon Husted is the ONLY REPUBLICAN that Ive seen not be bought off by these corps agenda.. i respect him n honestly Ill vote for him again…the ONLY REPUBLICAN ill vote for thus far ever…Kasichs NOT TO BE TRUSTED n I dont believe the Columbus Disgrace who clearly is not on the peoples side…

  • after watchn the blatant voter tampering..I wouldnt want it..ill take my chances w/referendum unless jon husted is in office…he s fair, n i believe he wouldnt tamper with votes..unlike Wisconsin…AGAIN…Cheated again…tampering with votes again…same county that echoes corruption over n over n nothn is done? Wheres the justice? Wheres the Democracy? She should go to jail…AGAIN…how blatant can u be? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…

  • No2sb5

    Negotiate? Kasich? no sources? I agree with all of you…No Deal..NO..Kasich

  • Asktheteach1

    negotiate? kasich? can he even spell the word? nooooo….

  • Annekarina

    As the story goes, don’t trust the gift horse too far.

  • Natasha F.

    Looks like a huge win for the Republicans in Wisconsin.  The same will happen here if the Democrats don’t get as vicious as the Republicans are.

    Every bad action, piece of legislation, ethical and moral failure of the GOP must be “in the face” of the electorate to show them exactly what kind greedy sociopaths control the  Republican Party. 

    It’s been too nice too often for too long as the Democrats always fall for the “we’re not going to go negative” campaign bullshit the at the Republicans always say but never do.  (Look at Jordan’s campaign against a Republican for his senate seat to see a go negative, go negative big , and go negative first, victorious campaign)

    They will do it to a Democrat if any Democrat presents the opportunity.   You can take it to the bank that the GOP is scouring the state looking for  Jordan-Martin- Mecklenborg chumps min the Democrats. 

    Issue 2 is in serious jeopardy now with the WI results in.   Get to work on a face to face basis to win or suffer the loss.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be too hard on someone just because they made a mistake.  I once voted for a republican because the OEA supported him as a “friend of education” (I know, it was a stupid thing to do but I was younger then and it will never happen again), only to have him come into the OEA office and tell us that “You people didn’t get me elected, it was the business men in Williams and Fulton Counties that did it”.  Sometimes we all learn the hard way.  We all know how he voted on SB5,

  • buckeyekelly

    “Yesterday, sources told Dispatch reporters that informal discussions between two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5 and representatives from the Ohio Education Association and the AFL-CIO took place about six weeks ago, but labor backed away.”

    Maybe it went down this way, at Bob Evans or the bank, etc.

    Pro-SB5 person: walking towards the door
    Anti-SB5 person: Good morning
    Pro-Sb5 person: Good morning
    Anti-SB5 person: walks away from door.

    The way the Dispatch wrote this, the above is completely plausible. THIS is journalism? Jeezum, even Faux news has better hatchet jobs than this!

  • Anonymous

    It was a huge LOSS for Republicans in Wisconsin. Remember they are disputing six REPUBLICAN districts and three Democratic districts. They are unlikely to lose any of the Democratic districts (I believe two of those elections have yet to be held) and the Republicans lost two of theirs.  Wisconsin Democrats moved mountains yesterday working tirelessly on a face-to-face basis, and taking it to Republicans in their OWN districts.  And no, Issue 2 is NOT in jeopardy as a result (as if there were any connection anyway). It got a  big jolt of energy and momentum.

  • Natasha

    I hope that it is a whuppin of the WI-GOP of monumental proportions.  Nevertheless, be prepared and don’t get caught bringing an knife to a gunfight with the O-GOP. 

    Remember that the Ohio GOP Boy-Senator Jordan thinks it’s cool to bring a gun to a “discussion” with the wife.  Meanness, deceit, dishonesty and corrupt practices are the true Republican Principles.

    Kasich’s fragile ego cannot stand opposition ads let alone a full out attack on his SB-5 baby.  Get ready!

  • Pragmatic_one

    Unfortunately, this is what I also believe.

    Kasich runs on revenge and corporate money. When SB5 goes down in flames, he will lash out. When the union comes to negotiate the next three year contract, he will begin with “OK, I’ll start with a 20% pay cut”. Look for a flood of Koch money and attacks on public workers, aided by the editorial board of the Dispatch. They’ll the throw the kitchen sink at it. We need to get ready to start countering that now.

  • Putting the horse before the carriage people. November is very far away politically, anything could happen. We can’t get comfortable and expect to win, we have to keep fighting like there’s a chance we won’t win!!!!!

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