Beware the law of unintended consequences. Bill Bush in today’s Dispatch notices a little problem with the current attempt by Republicans to depress Democratic voters by requiring a state issued driver license or ID card in order to vote:

…records from the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles show about 8.83 million voting-age residents have an Ohio driver’s license or photo ID – about 28,000 more than there are voting-age residents in the state, according to the 2010 census.

Sounds like 28,000 potential cases of voter fraud right?  There could be an epidemic of people voting more than once because there are more licenses and IDs out there than valid voters. Oh my!

Of course, there is no real voter fraud problem.  Republicans have been employing the classic solution in search of a problem.  The problem they see is the ranks of the poor and middle class growing (and voting) while they attempt to wage war on them as they protect their rich puppet masters.  Voting ID restrictions have never had anything to do with the integrity of the process, which is why even Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted spoke out against it and got it removed from HB 194.

They renewed their efforts with HB 159, which Husted also did not support.  The original bill sponsor you will remember was the now disgraced and resigned Bob Mecklenborg.  His little Indiana adventure surely put the GOP in a bit of a bind.  The bill now sits in limbo again awaiting lawmaker’s return from their summer hiatus.

Without any documented cases of voter identification fraud in Ohio, Republicans are moving forward with this power grab specifically meant to suppress Democratic votes…and more specifically to try to save their asses on SB5 when the repeal referendum is on the ballot.  Typical, cynical, disgusting tactics being employed by Ohio’s GOP.

They’ve already done a great deal of damage (early voting among the worst).  It’s important to try to block them from doing any more.  Have I mentioned lately how important running good state government candidates is?

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