Governor Kasich had quite the captive audience when he was invited to speak at the ECOT Graduation ceremony on June 11.  We reported about the event when it occurred, and we all know everything is better with video, so when ECOT posted video of the ceremony online, we couldn’t wait to see it for ourselves.  And, of course, share it with you.  The Wall Street Governor listened to himself for nearly 20 minutes, but we have edited out the first 13 minutes where he focused solely on a personal story and jumped right to his big finish, the part of a graduation speech where advice is doled out.

Remember, this is a GRADUATION ceremony, not an event that advertised Kasich as a draw.  These charter school (i.e., public school) students and their families worked hard to achieve this significant point in their lives.  According the ECOT press release:

More than 2000 students from all over Ohio were eligible to participate in the ceremonies, making it the largest graduating class of any school in the United States.

ECOT graduates more students than any school in the United States and more than the any of the entire districts of Toledo, Youngstown, Dayton, Akron, and Canton.

ECOT graduations are highly unusual. Because students work with their teachers online from their homes, graduation will mark the first time many students will meet their classmates and their teachers.

Okay, here’s the clip.  Are you sitting down?


The most important quote in this entire video is around 45 seconds in where Kasich establishes his use of  the word “creator” that he uses throughout his evangelizing.

“John, where are you on your eternal destiny?  Do you have a relationship with the Creator?  With the Lord?”

Kasich’s advice to the reported 2,000+ students and their family members was a Christian message encouraging these public school graduates to find the personal gift bestowed upon them by the Creator (Lord) and to use that to fulfill their purpose for existence, which is to help heal this world.

And in case you were confused, Kasich declared:

I don’t wear a collar and I’m not a preacher.  I’m just a public servant right now.  But you know what, more important than being a public servant, I’m a servant of the Lord.

I’m not even sure I have the words to appropriately describe this mess, nor can I understand why this clip wasn’t played on MSNBC’s Morning Joe during Kasich’s appearance.  In 2000, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on a case about public prayer in Santa Fe.  The Court held that the policy allowing the student led prayer at the football games was unconstitutional.  In the ruling, the Court stated “The Constitution demands that schools not force on students the difficult choice between attending these games [extracurricular events] and avoiding personally offensive religious rituals.”

Can someone please explain to me how the Governor of Ohio, a clearly defined authority figure, spent six entire minutes in full revival mode in front of a captive audience at the graduation ceremony of one of the largest public schools in Ohio and AND NO ONE MENTIONS IT?

Do you think anyone would notice if this video was played on the opening day this year at every public high school in Ohio?  I know some editors who would castigate schools and teachers without blinking.

Let’s give them something to write about.


  • Wow! Sure glad he included “everybody doesn’t have to buy into this”! What a relief!

  • Perhaps he does not understand that these 18 year olds are adults?  I am sickened that this was permitted to happen, but the rambling nature of this makes it clear to me that he was off script again (can SOMEONE please hire this man a speechwriter, his speeches are just painful to listen to).  King John once again makes it apparent that the law does not apply to him and anyone that might dare to attempt to make him follow the law are, well, you know…”idiots”.

    Of course, those who voted for him are bigger idiots, but that is a comment for another day (like around November.)

  • Annekarima

    How can he say we were put here to heal the world when man put it in the condition it is in?  Some send drones from here in the states to the Middle East that do not heal the world.  What about that, johnny?    Oh don’t even get me started…..!!

  • mvirenicus

    ohio deserves every bit of this.

  • Lacklandgd

    All ya had to do was watch the guy in the lower right corner of the video…..


  • Anastasjoy

    If this man is an example of what it means to serve “the Creator,” then in the words of Los Angeles band Human Drama in their song “Nothing I Judge,” “You’re making me run from Jesus.” A servant of the Lord? If one judges actions and not words (and I do), Kasich mocks the Lord with his actions and serves only greed.

    The inappropriateness of this is particularly striking to me because of something I saw this week while observing veterans court in Mansfield. One young man, when asked by the judge about how his AA meetings were going, was evasive, saying they didn’t fit his “belief system.” Afterward, meeting with staff, the judge remarked that this young man “doesn’t believe in God,” and they talked about what he DID believe in that could serve as a substitute. This man is an Iraq veteran with severe PTSD. Luckily, the court was sympathetic and working to find something that worked for him. I wonder if our arrogant, insulated governor would stand in front of this veteran who sacrificed so much and babble about “the Creator.”

  • gmild

    From your comment, I’m not sure if you know or not.  That man is William Lager, ECOT founder and Kasich’s buddy.

    And yes, I found myself watching it over just to see his expression. 

  • Annekarima

    Perhaps to johnny all this stuff that needs healing is “created” because it is forgiven under “grace”.  Never did understand that one.  Go and sin no more but sin all you want because you are forgiven under grace?  No thanks.  No thanks.  The creator if exists, moves and creates, moves and creates, appears to have no interest in the actions of what it creates.

  • How he can try and hurt the poor and middle class and then claim to be a servant of the Lord, is beyond me.  I think his master is something different.

  • Anastasjoy

    Actually, that’s incorrect. Among the highest rates of teen pregnancy, crystal meth use, divorce and other social pathologies is in the so-called “Bible Belt.” Education and economic security are the best preventers of those, not phony piety and a claim to have a pipeline to “the Creator”

  • Anastasjoy

    Actually, that’s incorrect. Among the highest rates of teen pregnancy, crystal meth use, divorce and other social pathologies is in the so-called “Bible Belt.” Education and economic security are the best preventers of those, not phony piety and a claim to have a pipeline to “the Creator”

  • Anonymous

    The issue is venue.  The Governor of Ohio is addressing an audience of public school students at a required school function.  This is a blatant violation of the First Amendment.  If this was a Sunday morning and he was addressing his congregation of consenting individuals, then he’s 100% entitled to share this important PERSONAL story.

    Or at his Mosque, Temple, Kingdom Hall, Shrine, or wherever he opts to practice his religion.

    By the way, Christians aren’t suddenly immune to drugs, teen pregnancy, abuse, ego, adultery, greed, bragging, or lying.  Don’t forget basic theology.

  • In a country where politicians and other authority figures talk about creationism being a legitimate science topic, or that praying the gay away is sound therapy, this comes in under the radar as not being as nutty.  So it’s no surprise that it’s not getting bigger attention. 

  • Anonymous

    Frighteningly accurate comment.

  • Adrienne


  • Victoria

    The ECOT administrators did not expect this at all.  Look how miserable they look.  I don’t think he will be asked to do this again by anyone.  
    He constantly violates both the state and now obviously the federal constitutions.  His handlers should never let him run lose. 
    I have read his book Stand for Something and have looked at his book about his prayer meetings.  (at the library didn’t buy!!) This is like reading his books–written to be more comprehensible by a ghost writer of course.   It’s essentially his book–except strange and hard to follow.

  • Victoria

    What the heck is that?

  • I DO NOT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Actually, his Creator is Faux News and Rupert Murdoch who gave him a platform with his corrupt, slimy media empire and $10,000 for his campaign coffer.

    “When fascism comes, it will be wearing a flag and carrying a cross”.

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