The Plain Dealer reports that Sherrod Brown took aim at the Kasich administration yesterday, criticizing the size of the state’s incentive proposal to NASA for a new Cleveland-area project that would have employed Ohioans in the management of part of the International Space Station project.

Apparently, Florida was able to put together a package of incentives worth $30 million, while Ohio’s offer was in the ballpark of $2 million. When confronted with the Senator’s criticisms, Kasich snapped:

“Business people look at him like he’s an extremist, just so he understands that,” Kasich said of Brown. “I’m willing to work with him and I’ve been working with him. I’ve said nothing negative about him, but when he starts talking about our inadequacies, he better look in the mirror.”

Extremist? Ad hominem attacks much? Someone needs to check his own mirror. But, back to the substance of the state’s offer to NASA:

Kasich also questioned whether such a high-priced tax credit package was worth 30 or so jobs. “I’m just telling you we can’t do everything because we don’t have the resources to do everything,” he said.

Let’s remember how much Kasich was able to scrape together for some of his recently announced deals. and what he got in return:

Now, I’m hardly asserting that paying $1 million per job is good economic development policy. But given the guy’s track record, paying $56 million to lose 500 jobs and handing out $2 million on a whim, it’s just interesting to learn that the guy has a limit to his free-spending ways. And apparently it’s securing jobs for rocket scientists. Good to know.

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  • Annekarima

    Hmmm…once upon a time I remember a young lady who was waiting tables, not in this state, who actually was studying to be a rocket scientist.  Guess that won’t happen in Ohio anytime soon???

  • This isn’t exactly about 30-40 jobs. As the PD said on Wednesday:

    The nonprofit — Center for the Advancement of Science in Space Inc.
    (CASIS) based at Space Life Sciences Laboratory near NASA’s Kennedy
    Space Center in Florida — will generate only about 30 or 40 jobs.

    But the bigger economic prize is all the high-tech business expected to spring up around the national laboratory.

    But the really bizarre thing here is how Kasich takes criticism of his policy efforts as an attack on him as a person (“our inadequacies” ) and returns it as such.  I hate giving too much mystical credit to specific right-wing bogeymen, but I can’t help but wonder if he had specific unnamed ‘business people’ he’s referencing…

  • Hungry Coyote

    Kasich throws money at potential campaign donors. NASA doesn’t make campaign donations.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t want no handouts for Liberal Ph.D’s in Ohio!

  • Anonymous

    That’s because King John doesn’t like rocket scientists.  They are intelligent, he is not, and intelligent people intimidate him.

  • Anonymous

    The last thing Kasich wants in Ohio is more smart people who understand science.  A few years ago, Kasich was promoting the idea of teaching intelligent design (creationism) with evolution in the classroom. 

  • Anastasjoy

    And of course, those Bob Evans jobs are such high quality that the company is among the top companies who Ohio employees make so little they qualify for government benefits. So we subsidize those excellent Bob Evans jobs in several ways.

  • Anonymous

    And we want to retain the brightest college graduates in Ohio.  Right, Huckleberry Kasich needs more than criticism; he needs to be shown the door.  Given the company he keeps (remember the $1 million he got through the back door from such an upstanding person as Rupert Murdoch?), what Sherrod Brown says may be the least of Kasich’s worries.

  • Green Iris

    What a missed opportunity.
    This proposal might also have  generated some ongoing  development around the  Plum Brook facility. .  If you aren’t familiar with it, it is remarkable and underutilized.  Local govt has been trying to get a large runway to allow larger projects to utilize it. This would have helped that process along.
    Oh well. Nothing in it for the Goobernor’s campaign donors so it won’t happen.

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