When I heard John Kasich had gotten himself invited to play golf with President Obama I was pretty annoyed. Not at Kasich. For him it was a great break. Face time with the President gives Kasich some free press and it gives his anti-worker agenda some credibility.

I wasn’t angry at Kasich for getting himself invited to the golf game, I was angry at the President for letting him come along. As I wrote back in mid-June, I thought it was a slap in the face to labor for the President to include Kasich in his golf game considering all of the nasty and horrible things Kasich and his Republican cohorts have been doing in Ohio over the past few months to take away the rights of Ohio’s public employees.

It turns out a few other people were also angered by the situation, but for completely opposite reasons.

Records obtained by Plunderbund from the Governor’s office show that multiple people contacted John Kasich about his golf game with President Obama. And nearly all of them were seriously pissed-off at Kasich for playing golf with our Muslim, America-destroying, Marxist President.

Nancy writes:

“When the lives of Americans are being destroyed, do you feel golfing with the man who is destroying the country shows good judgement?” and “Barack Hussein Obama is a sociopath” and “Shame on you. The American people don’t want to see golf. We want this marxist stopped. I have to take a show just looking at the pictures. We’re begining to feel as though we are being raped everyday”

Wow. Our Muslim President is a sociopath and a Marxist and he’s destroying and also raping the country. Lovely thought, Nancy.

Bob also criticises the Governor for playing golf with the man “who is trying to destroy this country” and Richard thinks the President is “determined to destroy our American Way of Life”

Robert, who claims to be a “simple man like O’reilly”, tells Kasich: “your (sic) a better man than I am be careful when you play with a Rattle Snake like obama you could get bit”.

And Gary says that “by golfing with your new best buddy Obama you are showing conservatives everywhere that you are as clueless, weak and arrogent as McCain and Bush and all the other wimpy Republicans that have sold conservatives out over the last couple of decades. … You act like a young teenage girl that has been asked to the prom. … Your selfish desire to grab the spotlight is disgusting.”

You can read the full letters here.