The following statement is permitted for republication and attribution on behalf of Plunderbund Media, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company and in response to Speaker Batchelder’s statement concerning State Representative Mecklenborg (R-Green Township):

“On behalf of Plunderbund, we share the Speaker’s sympathies to the pain, embarrassment and humiliation that State Representative Mecklenborg’s wife, children, and the rest of his family may be suffering right now.  However, this is not, as the Speaker suggested, a ‘situation’ that is happening.  This is something that is the direct consequence of the Representative’s alleged actions and behavior.   If the Speaker and Representative Mecklenborg are having trouble determining who is to blame for this ‘difficult situation’ we would suggest providing Representative Meckelborg with a mirror.  He is to blame, not those who merely reported what was largely a matter of public record.

“We were shocked and disappointed that the Speaker of the House, a learned and respected jurist, would publicly suggest that Representative Mecklenborg is entitled to privacy on facts that are a matter of both public concern and public record, in which there can be no expectation of privacy.  State Representative Mecklenborg is accused of a crime, and he is a public figure.  We note that he has yet to suggest that anything we reported in our coverage was false or misleading.  There is nothing harmful in reporting the truth.

“Given that the Speaker just permitted the passage of a bill that so interfered with every Ohio woman’s private reproductive rights so severely that even the Ohio Right-to-Life publicly stated it was likely to be declared an unconstitutional infringement on their privacy, the Speaker’s demand that public information about Representative Mecklenborg be kept private is insulting and hypocritical. 

“It is entirely reasonable and natural for the public to want to know what the nature of the relationship Representative Mecklenborg has to his publicly identified alleged victim, Tiona Roberts, a woman who is not married to the Representative, appears to have no blood relationship to him, is almost half his age, and yet was a passenger in his vehicle when he was allegedly driving while intoxicated at nearly 3 a.m.  on a Friday night in April in Indiana. 

“We were also surprised that the Speaker made no mention of Representative Mecklenborg’s constituents, but they have a right to know the full publicly available facts of the crime their elective representative is accused of committing so that they can intelligently determine whether he can, or should, continue to serve them.  The House has an obligation to examine whether such allegations suggest that the current Chairman of the House Government and Ethics Committee has the moral authority and credibility to continue to chair the making of the State’s ethics and “good government” policies.  This requires public discussion of public facts, even uncomfortable and publicly known personal facts.

“By keeping such information private exposes elected officials to potential extortion and blackmail.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  We presented the facts.  We leave it to his constituents to determine whether those facts are relevant in deciding whether he can continue to effectively serve and represent their communities.  We report.  They decide.”—Brian Hester, Executive Editor


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  • Anonymous

    Wow!  How can you argue with what our Speaker has so graciously decided we needed to hear?  I mean, who do we think this is Anthony Weiner?  Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • C.

    Alcohol + Viagara+ Driving towards a Strip Joint of Casino = Evidence Points (lol sorry) towards somethng smutty and inappropriate!!!!!! I would say that he got the Viagara prescription to use with his wife!!!!!!

  • Beechs443

    Amen Brother! 

    The Ohio House and Senate R’s are in your womb, your bedroom and are trying to get in your voting booth want privacy for one of their own.

    This is really special.  This will be the gift that goes on giving. 

  • stryx

    See, if we had had casinos in Ohio, he wouldn’t have had to drive as far plus he could have given an Ohioan a job.

    Calling BEN MARRISON! CALLING BEN MARRISON! @dispatcheditor:disqusneeds to crank up the butthurt generator. We’ll be looking for the editorial coverage about how so sad it all is, and special features from the strip club.

    Who thinks this was the first and only time the current Chairman of the House Government and Ethics Committee went to Lawrenceberg to get liquored up,  hit the strip clubs and maybe solicit some prostitutes?

    A real newspaper would look in to that.

    Does the current Chairman of the House Government and Ethics Committee have any kind of DHS security clearance? I mean still?

    Let’s see: April, May, June- that’s going on three months. Anyone here think Mecklenborg managed to keep a lid on this that whole time?  Who else might have know that the current Chairman of the House Government and Ethics Committee had been stoppped on suspicion of DWI? His boss maybe?

    A real newspaper would see that as an EXPLOSIVE COVERUP!!

    Are there any good photos of the Mad King John and his drunken minion Mecklenborg?

    Maybe at the Harvest Home Fair?

    And let this be a lesson to all you out there: only break one law at a time.

  • Bonnie B

    I love you, Plunderbund. <3

  • Republican hypocrisy….say it ain’t so!! They are the ones that want to be in all of our business, just a little taste of Karma!!

  • Annekarima

    I hate to tell you, but a real newspaper would not do that.  The Enquirer might.  However, perhaps Plunderbund just did Larry Flint’s job.  Sorry, but congrats, Modern, you just scoped Larry Flint.

  • Modern Esquire


    Yeah, no real media outlet will touch the story (except for the AP, Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer, and every television outlet in Cincinnati.)

    Google the story, and you’ll see just how few media outlets is paying attention to this.  We’re all alone on this.

    Because we’re like Larry Flint…

    Thanks for reading, though, and we hope you enjoy our pictorial next month!

  • Annekarima

    No, you are not like Larry Flint.  This just happens to be his kind of story when it comes to congress critters.

  • Annekarima

    No, you are not like Larry Flint.  This just happens to be his kind of story when it comes to congress critters.

  • Annekarima

    No, you are not like Larry Flint.  This just happens to be his kind of story when it comes to congress critters.

  • Annekarima

    Actually, what I meant Modern, was did a regular news network touch the story before You did?  Someone had to answer after you put it out, but did anyone read about it before you put it up?  Like it was stated here, the incident occured when?  April?  And this ethics committee member legislative critter has done “what” ?? since then?  How could history been stopped, prevented, changed by the stroke of a few keys?

  • stryx

    Actually, no you’re still wrong.

    Flynt would offer $1 million dollars for any undisclosed story of sexcapades.

    A real newspaper would hear that a high ranking legislative official got caught doing something illegal and suspicious, and follow it up.

    Flynt would be making news, the other would be reporting it.

    So, no.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    No one should have to ask him to step down. IF he had any morals at all he would have done so back in April (was it?)   BUT seeing as this looks like someone managed to cover this up then I think a full investigation by the IG( or who ever does this type of investigating) should be called for. Any one who has knowledge of this should also step down.
    Mr Weiners problem could also be viewed as personal and private. Lets clarify both — ran for office ,a public office, take tax payer money for a salary, make laws that effect the public, they are public servants so everything they do is public!
    I would think the people that elected him would want this looked into and they would be demanding he resign.
    Bottom line — the republicans walk on water and are immune to such behavior — the democrats obviously are not.
    This administration in Columbus make me cringe– and yes who are they to make decisions about ALL Ohio women”s bodies.  Its in the budget? what has that got to do with a budget !!!!
    Well maybe viagra shouldnt be paid for by the taxpayers of Ohio either– BUT do you see a law about this —  well of course not.
    We have over 3 years left with these clowns.

  • Anonymous

    Flint was actually responsible for helping expose such sleazy congressional hypocrites as Dan Burton, Bob Barr,  and Henry Hyde who were all so incensed about Clinton and all having affairs. He was likely responsible for Newt Gingrich’s sudden exit from Congress just before the impeachment hearings, and we all know what Newt was up to!

  • Hungry Coyote

    As of 3:00 pm on 07/01/11 the Plain Dealer has not mentioned this situation in their news coverage, at least not online. That in itself speaks volumes about the PD.

  • Anonymous

    I’d have felt better about this without the ad-lib of Fox’s tag line at the end. “We Report, You Decide” has become synonymous with deception and dissembling since dripping out of Roger Allies pudgy mouth. Perhaps “We *actually* report, they decide” would have been clearer.

    Still though, nice catch I’ll link back to the original story if I see it appear unattributed elsewhere. Cheers.

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