Give the guys at Weapons of Mass Discussion credit, they’re willing to go where Speaker Batchelder and the rest of the GOP won’t.

In separate posts, contributors Matt Hurley and Mark publicly call for State Representative Mecklenborg to resign.  Hurley appears particularly offended by Speaker Batchelder’s weak statement this evening:

These "responses" are weak.  Whatever happened to "zero-tolerance"?

Yeah, GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine, what ever happened to “zero-tolerance?

After his election as chairman, he introduced a 10-point strategy, called the Leading Ohio Plan, designed to center the Ohio Republican Party’s political resurgence on a set of fundamental goals. The plan calls for restoring the party’s conservative credibility, developing a broad policy agenda, building beyond the party’s traditional base, re-engaging the middle class, connecting on campuses, developing advanced voter contact programs, using new technology to improve communications, creating a comprehensive political education program, improving candidate recruitment and enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct.

Or does the Ohio GOP approve of what State Representative Mecklenborg allegedly did in April?

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