“Josh Mandel is intentionally neglecting the job Ohioans asked him to do just a few short months ago and his claim that he’s focused on the Treasurer’s office is both laughable and insulting,” said Ohio Democratic Party press secretary Justin Barasky. “Ohio deserves a full-time Treasurer, not someone who begins planning for yet another campaign before the paint has time to dry in his new office.”

It’s pretty much been amateur hour at the Mandel campaign.  As he touts his conservative bona fides by getting the endorsements of various conservative leaders, he’s cowardly avoided a visible role in advocating for SB 5, or offered his take on the Ryan privatize Medicare plan.  He even failed to timely file his personal disclosure statement as a candidate.  You know, the thing that talks about what kind gifts, loans, and investments a candidate has so folks can tell if the candidate has a conflict of interest or is beholden to certain folks.  You know, the kind of information you’d think someone with the title “State Treasurer” would already have handy, especially one that ran on an “anti-corruption”/pro-transparency platform.

Meanwhile, we’ve been trying to find a single thing Mandel has done as State Treasurer.  A single accomplishment.  A few weeks ago, the Columbus Dispatch thought they had found one:

Ohio farmers and homeowners hit hard by tornadoes and flooding might be able to get help from a $25million emergency loan program created by state Treasurer Josh Mandel.

Mandel set aside $25 million of the state Renew Ohio & Rebuild Ohio linked-deposit programs to provide reduced-interest loans earmarked for small-business owners, farmers and homeowners.

Then the Dispatch had to update the story to point out that Kevin Boyce did the same thing in a program he announced in June 2010… also called “Renew and Rebuild Ohio.”

Josh Mandel will raise a ton of money, but he’s going to have to focus entirely on Sherrod Brown’s record, because he has absolutely none of his own, whether in the State legislature or the State Treasurer’s office.

  • Anastasjoy

    He’ll focus on “I WAS A MARINE I WAS A MARINE I WAS A MARINE.” Kind of like his campaign last year.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Mandell knows what “focus” means. He just pronounces it differently in regards to his constituency…

  • Anonymous

    You mean mocking the ego of a do-nothing legislator/Treasuring running for a promotion after three months on the job.

    Yeah, I’m sooo scared of Josh Mandel and his empty suit and history of political spinelessness.

    Oh wait, that’s right.  He stood up for the right of Ohio’s cockfighters from being charged with felonies for using the “property” as they see fit.

    Yep, really winner you’ve got there.

    By your theory, I guess Obama has his re-election locked up given how uptight you’ve been about him since Day One…

  • Anonymous

     He damn well better not be wearing  a USMC uniform while he says that, or I’ll report him to the US Department of Justice for committing a crime.

  • Carrieee4

    Up tight are you kidding me? We are laughing at him all the way to the elections. Which he will not win.

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