You think I’m kidding?

Republican leaders in the legislature have set their schedule for the rest of the year and it only includes 9 actual session days plus an additional ten days when they may, or may not, meet.

July       2 if-needed days
August     0 days
September  5 if-needed days
October    3 if-needed days
November   5 days
December   4 days


That’s 9 days for sure. 10 possible days. 19 total days in session. In six months.

Base salary for lawmakers in the House is $60,584 a year, but most earn more for leadership positions and many state reps get a huge (like 50%!) deduction on their federal taxes.

Did I mentioned they are only scheduled to meet for 19 days in the next 6 months?

Two weeks ago, Speaker Batchelder said Republican state legislators are underpaid:

“I know a lot of people in my caucus who are frankly underpaid,” House Speaker William G. Batchelder said yesterday.

Batchelder personally makes $99,437.40 a year in his current role as Speaker of the House. On top of that, he’s pulling down over $100K/year from his state pension. On top of all THAT, the the Dayton Daily News reports that he, like many other state reps, is likely getting a $34K deduction on his federal taxes. (And state senators get a $54,376 tax deduction!).

All this so Batch can show up in Columbus for 19 days over the next six months. Maybe. If he feels like it.

Quick comparison: The average Ohio police officer put his/her life on the line 40 hours a week, almost EVERY week, for the entire year. They average around $53,680/year. Fire Fighters do the same for $42,350.

Speaker Batchelder makes over $200K, he gets a huge tax deduction AND he’ll be taking the entire month of August off – and maybe July, September and August too.

Batchelder thinks ‘lazy’ police officers and mooching fire fighters are bankrupting the state with their excessive, collectively-bargained benefits.

Batchelder thinks ‘hard working’ legislators are underpaid.

Give me a break.