Here’s Governor Kasich during his State of the State address:

Republicans and Democrats have long favored sentencing reform. Oh, we didn’t get to this because we were afraid also. Forty-seven percent of our inmates sit in our state prisons for less than a year and they sometimes sit next to hardened criminals. It raises the recidivism rate, costs taxpayers a fortune. Again, to everyone who’s here, 47 percent of people are in that prison for less than a year and we’re sticking them in there next to somebody who’s been a hardened criminal, a murderer, or God knows what else. And then they get out and their lives in too many cases are ruined. It doesn’t even make any sense. And the reason we haven’t changed it is because of fear.

Well, Seitz, you didn’t work with me on the last bill, but you’re going to get some sentencing reform in this budget bill, and –


And, Seitz, I have to tell you, if you whine or complain, I’m taking your name off this, okay? It’s wiped out.

Here’s Governor Kasich today:

I commend President Niehaus, Speaker Batchelder, Reps. Blessing and Heard, and Sens. Grendell and Smith for working together across party lines to pass legislation that will lower recidivism rates, reduce prison overcrowding, and ultimately change the lives of many Ohioans for the better.

With all due respect to the legislators the Governor mentioned, there was no legislator more committed and more responsible for the issue of sentencing reform as a budgetary savings than State Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati).  It is just petty of the Governor to not acknoweldge Seitz today.

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