Back in May, John Kasich announced that he wanted to install metal detectors in the Ohio Statehouse.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the agency currency charged with providing security for the Statehouse, they are already “providing a sufficient and appropriate level of security”.

Which leads me to believe that Kasich’s true goal likely has more to do with limiting access to the Statehouse than it does with actual security concerns.

I’m guessing his plan was hatched during the Senate Bill 5 protests this spring when tens of thousands of union members and their supporters converged on the Statehouse to reject the GOP-controlled legislature’s union busting agenda.

While the protests certainly presented some unique logistical challenges, security doesn’t appear to have been a major issue.

Tens of thousands of protesters converged on the Statehouse and, aside from a few trampled flower beds, no major incidents occured. No one was shot or stabbed or even punched on state property. No one so much as had their toes stepped on.

This proposal, like so many of Kasich’s other endeavors, seems unnecessary, selfish and vindictive. More importantly, it seems to have the most detrimental impact on Ohio’s taxpayers.

We decided to do a little investigating to see how much it might end up costing us if Kasich’s metal detector plan was implemented.

We contacted the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, the group responsible for all things Statehouse related, and requested some estimates for the costs of installing and manning Kasich’s metal detectors.

Officially, the Board is still working on a final estimate that will be released soon. But our records request revealed some proposals submitted by security companies hoping to win the contracts to install and operate the metal detectors. And the costs turned out to be pretty shocking.

A proposal from SecurMAR, LLC puts the cost of buying the X-ray units somewhere between $19,344.82 for the low end model typically used in schools, to $28,094.06 for the high-end model used by TSA.

And a proposal from G4S secure solutions puts the cost of the security personnel needed to operate the machines at $691,713.36 per year.

An LSC analysis shows that Kasich’s current budget proposal cuts the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board’s GRF funding by 2% (down to $5,793,168 in 2012). Which means the cost of using G4S’s security personnel to implement his plan would require a nearly 12% increase in SCRAB’s budget.

Since less than half of CSRAB’s funding comes from the State, the additional money would likely have to come from increased parking fees in the Statehouse parking garage.

Typical Kasich budget math.

The Statehouse has had no major incidents in recent memory the Ohio State Highway Patrol says the security measures are already sufficient. Yet Kasich wants to force everyone entering the Statehouse to be subjected to extremely-slow and highly-intrusive scans that will ultimately cost Ohio’s taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year?

Kasich has had some pretty ridiculous ideas in the past. But this has got to be one the worst.

  • Anonymous

    I would not be surprised to hear that after he has the machines up and running for a few weeks he will decide to replace the State Troopers who are currently running security with private contractors and then pass legislation to make them exempt from liability for any injuries they cause. 

  • Who owns the private security company?  What company manufactures the metal detection machines and sells them.  Of course, access must be restricted but state monies must be redistributed to loyal Republican companies too.

  • another example that we r not causing deficeit…he is..thats so king john can continue to ignore the rights of the people…hes gearin up to announce marshall law…he will do whatever it takes to please his corp buddies…hes spendn millions..wastn millions on bills to help his ceo buds out…he doesnt care, remember leiman brothers? wall? wisconsin?

  • Anon hates Kasuck

    Every public  employee who voted for this evil man deserves to lose their job. 

    Welcome to being an uppity lazy n. You’re under the bus if you haven’t noticed.  Of course, the “private security” will cost more money because the RW loves to give away our money to corporations. Wow, is that how the free market really works? It ain’t free people; it’s fixed by thems that has to steal from everyone else. The top 2% is robbing us and using our govt. to do so. He’s an evil extremist RW monster that Prince John Kasucky. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey — there’s a typo. You say it will cost about $700,000 a year, then you say it will cost taxpayers “hundreds of millions of dollars a year.” 

    That aside, this suggests to me a potentially very effective ad campaign against Ohio Republicans — that they’re big spending, throwing cash around recklessly, often to solve problems that don’t exist. There’s an army of facts: that Kasich’s budget is more than $5 billion larger than Strickland’s last budget, that Kasich gave his own staff lavish raises, that Kasich has already incurred taxpayer funded security costs by not moving to the governor’s mansion, that the new voter suppression law will cost tens of millions every year to implement, and now this. We need to hammer this and destroy the GOP on their point of pride — careful stewardship of tax money.

  • Anonymous

    That’s “martial” law, and could we give up this big, bad boogieman already? It’s not helpful to our cause. Why would Kasich have to declare martial law when he already has the power to hand over all the state’s resources to his pals – which I believe is his real and entire goal?

  • Hey, at least I didn’t make the mistake in the post title this time. 🙂

    (thanks for catching it – all fixed)

  • Anonymous

    So who is going to supply these urban camouflaged, auto weapon carrying commandos to guard and protect the Gang Of Pirates?  Sounds like something that a third world dictator would do – higher mercenaries from Soldier of Fortune Magazine!  I have to say that if I was Kasich, I wouldn’t want to be protected by the people I had offended by calling them idiots and taking away their rights either.  But since I’m not Kasich, I’ll say that this is just one more example of his misuse of the property of the citizens of Ohio.  Columbus is starting to resemble Tripoli or Damascus.

  • to easily hand our resources over with no arguments….I normally dont answer a question with a question..but think about this. .Michigans under Marshall Law….n people r leaving that state…and its being hushed by the press…Leading the sheep to the slaughter….

  • Eygypt, Syria…..when u privatize everything..including “gov’t” u lose ur freedom, rights..n before u know it…there is no democracy….ever see the video G20? by truth? u might wanna see it..Canada…privatized…security etc….Funny, America spends billions campaigning to other countries advertising..”DEMOCRACY.” My question to all of u is…where’s ours?

  • Why would it be? It’s already here….he’s here…n he’s privatizing everything he possibly can..creatn his “kingdom ,” and bought by Koch brothers n company…selling Ohioans out…Watch the money….trail…Look at Wisconsin…watch the money roll in….from Corps who have paid off our Representatives…to do what they r doing, drilln in ur parks, contaminatn ur water tables…look at Penn…livestocks dying, n people r gettn sick…What? nothing on the “news?” FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  • Anonymous

    You forget, PG, that Kasich is now flush with cash from the sale of the prison system and the potential sale of the turnpike.  He only needs one term as governor because there won’t be an OHIO left after he gets done with us.

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