When I was 8 years old I watched Brian Sipe throw an interception pass that ended the Cleveland Brown’s chances of winning the AFC championship.

I spent the next three years waiting for “Super Joe” Charbonneau to help the Indians break a then-20 year slump.

By the time I was 12, Charbonneau had thrown out his back and left baseball and Sipe had disappeared into Donald Trump’s USFL never to be heard from again.

As a 6th grader I started to believe that Cleveland sports teams would never, ever be successful in my lifetime. And so far, my prediction hasn’t been that far off: The Browns haven’t won a championship since 1964 (and they’ve never won a super bowl!) and the Indians haven’t won the world series since 1948.

I know my experience isn’t unique. Millions of current and former residents of NE Ohio have had same, decades-long disappointment from Ohio’s major league sports teams.

Lebron James brought many of us hope. And when he left Cleveland, we were sad and angry and bitter and pissed off. REALLY pissed off. For obvious, decades-long reasons.

We screamed. We yelled. We acted out. We rooted against Lebron. And when Lebron James and the Miami Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks in game 6 of the NBA finals, we were happy.

It’s silly. It’s childish. It’s immature. I know. But after what we’ve been through, I think we deserve at least a year to get over it.

John Kasich, however, isn’t from Cleveland. He’s not even from Ohio. John Kasich never followed Cleveland sports. John Kasich never went through what we’ve been through. John Kasich grew up in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania – 5 minutes from Pittsburgh. (Enough said)

John Kasich never cared about Brian Sipe or Joe Charbonneau or Bernie Kosar or Ozzie Newsome. John Kasich never cared if the Indians or the Browns or even the Cleveland Force won or lost.

And when it became clear that Lebron was THINKING about leaving Cleveland, Kasich made it clear that he didn’t care. And when Lebron announced he WAS leaving Cleveland, Kasich said Ohioans should basically forget about Lebron and maybe just “steal some players out of New York to help us out”.

Kasich’s campaign ripped on Strickland for trying to keep Lebron in Cleveland, but when Lebron and the Miami Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks last week, Kasich took a look at his low-30’s favorability ratings and the large number of Ohioans who were happy about the Dallas win and he decided to change his tune about James.

Kasich decided to issue an official proclamation from the Governor’s office declaring the Dallas Mavericks “Honorary Ohioans” for beating Ohio’s own Lebron James, again proving he can be a vindictive prick – even over things he doesn’t give two shits about.

Roland Martin said it better than I could have when he wrote that John Kasich “looks like an idiot” for this proclamation:

A governor is supposed to be above silly and petty stuff like this. Leave this kind of crap to the sports radio hosts, columnists and bloggers.

Lastly, I don’t believe a single Dallas Maverick is a taxpayer in Ohio. LeBron is. He still owns homes there, has family there, and continues to do charity work there, namely in his hometown of Akron.

So Gov. Kasich, good job. You managed to diss an Ohio athletic icon, but also a taxpayer and constituent. I bet you don’t mind LeBron cutting a check to pay his property tax bill, especially with your state facing a multi-billion dollar deficit.

It’s safe to say you just lost all votes in the James household.

Have I mentioned recently that I love Roland Martin?

To be fair, the anti-Lebron proclamation is only mildly offensive compared to the other things Kasich has done since taking office. Remember Senate Bill 5? His budget? The Martin Luther King/St. Pat’s mix up?

But as a Clevelander, I still find it pretty outrageous.

So when Kasich lost yesterday in his golf game with President Obama – I thought maybe he deserved a taste of his own medicine.

Yes, Lebron James let down his home town by selfishly leaving to pursue his dreams in another state. And yes, a lot of people were pissed off by his choice.

But if Kasich can grant honorary citizenship to Dirk Nowitzki – a German guy who plays for a Basketball team in Texas – just because he can throw more balls into a basket than Lebron, then I feel like Plunderbund can bestow the same honor on the President of the United State for beating Ohio’s Governor, who is in the process of selfishly screwing over every middle class worker in Ohio.

It only seems fair.

I proposed the idea to Greg yesterday and, as usual, he came through with the perfect response in record time.

Without further ado, I present to you the official proclamation from Plunderbund (written by Greg Mild) declaring President Barack Obama an honorary Ohioan.

Golf Summit Proclamation

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