Plunderbund attended the press conference held by the American Policy Roundtable/Ohio Roundtable today and MAN are they pissed off at Kasich.

Kasich’s casino deal is so blatantly unconstitutional that APR’s CEO, David Zanotti, says everyone in Kasich’s office “seems to have forgotten not only law school 101 … but pre-law school.” “This is stuff you can read on the internet,” he says. (We assume he was talking about Plunderbund, since we mentioned this back in December when Kasich first proposed it.)

According to Zanotti, APR is absolutely going to sue the Kasich Administration “and so are a bunch of other people.” John Kasich’s casino deal is “opening a Pandora’s box of lawsuits that is going to go on, and on, and on.”

According to APR’s press release: “Governor Kasich’s actions are unprecedented in Ohio history. No Governor has ever attempted to redefine the Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code, and tax policy based on a handshake with those who stand to profit the most. Such actions threaten the very core of representative government.”

And they provide 7 reasons:

1. Exempts casinos from the CAT tax which will “circumvent the intent of the voters”

2. Rewrite licensing fees for casinos that are written into the Ohio Constitution

3. Legalizes new casino gambling sites. The Constitution specifies 4 sites only.

4. Establishes tax structure for new facilities

5. It violates the Constitutional boundaries of the 1973 Lottery Amendment

6. It does all of the above without Consitutional authority or amendment

7. It does all of the above without legal authority of statue via the Ohio Legislature

Here’s the letter APR sent to the legislature along with the full list of their issues with Kasich’s deal:

APR Casino Release

Video coming soon!