Remember Ohioans, organized labor is the enemy.  One of the most damning things about those labor unions is that they are SO organized, especially when it comes to politics.  Fundraising, rallying, donating to campaigns and issues, and lobbying politicians are all pieces of the allegedly overwhelming influence that unions are having at the State Capitol.  A local Tea Party website even goes so far as to say that “Ohio’s Democrats are bought and paid for by the unions.”  Sickening, right?  Teachers represent the largest union in the state and they have been a common site at rallies the last few months and some find it hard to believe that a group of Ohio citizens would use the power of their combined voices in the political process.  This must be part of what John Kasich was thinking when he stated a desire to “break the back of organized labor in the schools.”

And with that out of the way, congratulations are in order for the lone SB5 sponsor, Senator Shannon Jones.  This week, Senator Jones was given the Guardian of Small Business Award by the National Federation of Independent Business/Ohio (NFIB).  You can read a release on her Facebook page; I was unable to find the announcement anywhere else, including the NFIB page.  In accepting the award, Jones remarked, “Government policies can either strengthen or weaken a business climate. That’s why it’s important for lawmakers to work with groups like NFIB.”

Of course, it’s okay for the NFIB to spend time lobbying on behalf of their members.

More than 200 NFIB/Ohio members and guests attended NFIB/Ohio Small Business Day at the Capitol at the Athletic Club of Columbus and the Ohio Statehouse. NFIB members from around the state came to support the balanced budget, call for responsible state spending and insist on workers’ compensation reform. Members heard from Governor John Kasich, Speaker of the House William Batchelder, Senate President Tom Niehaus, and NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner before taking the opportunity to meet with more than 100 legislators and state officials that also attended.

NFIB President and CEO spoke to attendees at the 2011 NFIB/Ohio Small Business Day at the Capitol. Danner told  members, “We will always fight for you. With your help we will make sure the small business voice is always heard.”

Wow, back in February, significantly more than 200 union members were locked out of the Statehouse.  This NFIB sounds like a powerful group.  It is time someone began calling for the Governor to “break the backs of independent businesses in Ohio.”

Then we’ll need to “break the backs of Ohio’s food and petroleum dealers.” We can’t let the AFPD (Associated Food & Petroleum Dealers) get away with this:

Whether it is educating your employees on proper procedures for alcohol sales, testifying at Congressional hearings, or developing purchasing programs to save you money, AFPD is here to assist the independent retailer.”

And while we’re at it, we’ll need to “break the backs of . . . psychiatrists, gun collectors, CPAs, dairy producers, radiologists, mortgage bankers, fair managers, underwriters, democrats, republicans, patriots, Christians, charter schools (gasp), and everyone else who has ever donated to a political campaign or supported a company that has (Wendy’s, Coca-Cola, Giant Eagle, to name a few).” Basically, every Ohioan is involved in the political process whether or not they specifically choose to be.  And we’re even working on “breaking the backs of the children” in Ohio — that’s called Senate Bill 5.

Look, it’s not some astounding revelation when Kasich mouthpiece Rob Nichols defends SB5 by saying that “the unions donate huge amounts of money to politicians.”  That should be common knowledge.  Large groups of people or large organizations donate huge sums of money to politicians and political causes that support their beliefs.  That’s why you’ll find that Kasich raised more money than Strickland during the 2010 campaign — people wanted to get him elected.  And fortunately for them, 49.3% was enough.

But I am sick of hearing about the alleged injustice that unions are committing by being supremely organized!  If the opposition viewpoints are so damn important, then the masses should be turning out in full force to have their voices heard in public.  Instead, all we have are sketchy organizations set up in order to hide their supporters, being trumpeted by the same small group of individuals.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  Go – before I lose my temper! The Great and Powerful Kasich has spoken!”