One Ohio United, the non-profit founded by Kasich’s campaign staff to help promote his budget sent out a mailer this week that is basically one big long list of old data, disproved myths and outright lies.

The cover is a copy of a Dispatch article from 2009 that predicts the possibility of an $8 Billion deficit in 2012. We’ve debunked this stupid myth so many times it’s starting to get tedious. Kasich’s own people never believed there was an $8 billion deficit, and the fact that they couldn’t find a more recent headline is pretty telling. I’m pretty sure 2009 was the last time anyone really believed there was going to be an $8 billion deficit. In 2011 it’s just a lie.

The back side is even worse. Here’s the list of their claims and the facts behind them:

On May 5th your State Legislator put politics as usual aside

The budget bill was completely crafted by Republicans and nearly every amendment proposed by Democrats was rejected. Republican Rep Brenner voted for it. That sounds pretty “usual” if you ask me.

voting for a balanced budget that does not raise taxes.

Uh… What? Ohio law REQUIRES that the budget be balanced. This isn’t some amazingly rate feat – it’s a statutory requirement. Governor Strickland signed two balanced budgets that didn’t raise taxes AND he increased funding to schools and didn’t cut funding for local communities.

A budget that said “NO” to special interests.

Large parts of the budget bill were WRITTEN by special interests. For example, charter schools operators who gave HUGE sums of cash to leaders in the Senate, House and Statehouse were given carte blanche to write their own language for the budget. And they took full advantage of the opportunity, changing the law to allow for a huge expansion of charter schools and a loosening of oversight.

A new budget that helps our State and local governments to operate more efficiently.

Kaisch’s budget actually INCREASES Ohio’s general revenue spending from $50.8 billion to $55.5 billion. The extra cash comes from cutting 25% of state funding for local governments in 2012 and 50% of their funding in 2013. You think you’re having problems getting that pothole filled or that old mattress picked up from the alley behind your house now? Wait until your city loses half their state funding.

A reform budget to help Ohio grow and attract more jobs

Kasich’s “jobs budget” is predicted to put 50,000 Ohioans out of work.

while improving educational opportunities for our children.

Kasich’s budget eliminates funding for gifted kids and cuts funding for some schools by up to 80%!

Please let Rep. Brenner know that you, too, are committed to fiscal responsibility for Ohio. Please take a moment now to encourage Rep. Brenner to keep voting for the balanced budget that doesn’t raise taxes.

As we just mentioned, Kasich’s budget is NOT fiscally responsible. He actually increases state GRF spending and he makes MASSIVE cuts to funding for local governments which will ultimately lead to higher local taxes.

The only honest part of the mailer seems to be the email address that One Ohio United provides for Representative Brenner: We encourage you to use it, or the address of your own State Rep, to tell your local legislator that you DO NOT APPROVE of their support for Kasich’s job-killing budget.

Send them an email today. And CC me (Joseph at if you want me to print your letters.

  • Anonymous

    We are up the creek without a paddle. People are so in tune with lies from politicians and Fox, that they would not know and I do not think they even care if they know the truth. What has happened in this country since January scares me and I do not scare easily. As a retired Teamster, I see people working till they drop, with no health insurance, and the people of Ohio were fools to think a Fox , Wallstreet crook could save us.  The Republicans from other states had all this BS planned, and they ran with the abortion BS, less government mantra. I am at a loss for words at what is going on.

  • Anonymous

    Kasich was extra chatty yesterday with WBNS-TV. He gave a speech to some small business group and tried to take credit for putting Ohio on the correct path by cutting spending and taxes. Made me ill because the budget isn’t in effect and any positive economic news is because of Strickland… ugh

  • Annekarima

    Well…what was that saying from The Matrix?  Something about spoons…Oh yes, “there is no spoon.”

  • Xx

    Lobbyist are not special interest to the Republicans.

  • Anonymous

    I hope at some point he blatantly breaks the law and the cops do swoop in. I pray to see him led away in handcuffs for what he has already done to our state.

  • Anonymous

    It is all about money with Kasich.  An example is his turnpike lease idea: They tell you what a great deal it will be and then when they reach an objection, they change their story.  First he was going to sell for $3.5 billion, now it is down to $2.4 billion and will probably keep dropping.  First it was going to plug a whole made by the phantom $8 billion debt, then it was going to be used to be used for highway projects across the state, then for bridge projects across the state, and now for projects “mostly in Northern Ohio” where the turnpike is located.  That, of course, means only that the money that would have been spent in those counties will be diverted to that black hole slush fund that is know as ODOT.  He is doing deals that cannot be undone when they fail and would not make sense to the most reckless of businessmen.  These guys are completely out of control.

  • Any one who receives this mailer should mark it RETURN TO SENDER or correct the lies with bold ink and mail it back to the Governor’s office or mansion.

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