Weeks after launching their astroturfing, pro-SB 5 “grassroots” political campaign, Building a Better Ohio still only has 388 people who “like” them on Facebook. Plunderbund has over ten times as many fans.

In case you had any doubt that Better Ohio was just an extension of Kasich’s campaign, today they went and provided the proof: a fundraising email sent by the Kasich campaign urging people to visit Better Ohio.

“Grassroots coalition of Ohioans” my ass.

  • Anonymous

    I got one of these mailers.  I’d suggest everyone tell neighbors, friends, and relatives that it is all a bunch of lies. If possible, write your local member of the Ohio legislature and tell them what you think of this pathetic piece of misinformation that they are peddling.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    What a load of poop this is !! Made me mad to read it !!

  • gmild

    This is awfully similar to an initiative by the Secretary of State’s office: http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/betterLives.aspx

    Think they’ll possibly intervene on the use of the title?  

  • gmild

    And can someone explain how this is statistically possible?

    “Private sector workers currently pay as much as 31% on average toward their
    own health care”

    Am I just reading that wrong?  Isn’t it either “as much as” OR “on average” but not both?

  • John Smith

    Just wait until people find out that they are replacing Troopers on the midnight shift at the Statehouse with less paid, less trained State Patrol Officers that didnt even have to go to the Patrols Academy, 2 week refresher and out they go, all in the name of the  mighty dollar..Glad I dont work there…

  • Building a Better Bund

    lol… OMG not enough facebook friends!  “I bet this group can get 1,000,000 members by January 1!” has more members than “Building a Better Ohio.”

  • This just stinks.  He is using taxpayer money to send out propaganda.  Or in other words, he is laying off teachers in order to send this out.  #kasichsucks.

  • dlw

     That is one interesting “typo”. Nice and dishonest. Lets ’em lie through their teeth while claiming to have told the truth (“the ‘on average’ was just a silly typo”). I do so admire such stand up politics.

  • dlw

    Hell, I have more FB friends than “Building a Better Ohio” has “likes”. That’s pretty sad.

  • Cmdrjan

    You are correct.  However, King John and his merry band of teahadists are not skilled in either oral or written communication.  I think that is why they hate public school teachers.  They feel as if they were cheated by their own teachers.

  • Portia A. Boulger

    Kasich can try till Hell freezes over, but he will never gain a significant following in support of SB5. He is spiting into the wind. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!

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