On Friday it was announced that John Boehner had invited John Kasich to his golf game with President Obama, and Obama’s people seem to have ok’d the invite.

I honestly sat there and shook my head saying WTF! when I heard that news. And I know I’m not the only one.

Supposedly Boehner invited Kasich to be the fourth member of the party and Obama’s people said yes. But I can come with no good reason why President Obama should have agreed – and tons of reasons why he should have said no.

The whole point of playing with Boehner is to get somewhere on big issues like a budget deal or a debt-ceiling agreement.

Kasich brings nothing to the table for Obama. He offers nothing in terms of getting a deal done and his miserable approval rating and the fact that Kasich is hated by every union member regardless of party affiliation in Ohio could honestly end up hurting Obama in 2012.

Obama never should have given Boehner carte blanche to extend invitations and he should have said NO when Boehner asked to bring Kasich. Why not bring Cantor or someone who’s going to be useful to the conversation?

In my opinion giving Kasich the national stage when he’s destroying unions and defunding education is a HUGE slap in the face for labor and everyone else who worked for Obama in Ohio.

And it’s a big win for Kasich. He gets to be in the national spotlight, he’ll probably come out of it bragging about how he gave the President advice on how HE balanced the national budget. There’s no downside for Kasich and no upside for Obama. Ultimately, if nothing useful happens on the golf course, it’s irrelevant to Kasich but it still reflects poorly on Obama.

The bottom line: Obama’s people need to get their shit together and learn how to use their power to do politics. With some exceptions (SEIU comes to mind) labor sat on the sidelines in 2010 and Governor Strickland lost his seat. Ohio is as much of a swing state as they get and the same thing can happen to Obama in 2012.