State Senator Shannon Jones tweeted this morning from her campaign account:


Yeah, I bet there are some 10,000 Ohioans who wish they could just hang with the kids, but they’re busy getting signatures so we can repeal her middle-class crushing, Columbus knows best SB 5.

Shannon Jones apparently also wants her constituents to know in her heart, she’s a party girl:


And, of course:


So now we’re starting to see how the heck SB 5 got written the way it did.

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  • Victoria

    Yikes.  After the Wonder Weiner you would think people would be doing more self censorship.  Boozer.

  • Random Thoughts

    ~cracks up @ “Wonder Weiner”~…. Thanks for the chuckle!

    So that’s why Shannon’s after teachers… she covets their cushy summer breaks…

    Right… I finished my school year on Friday and started my summer job on Sunday… sorry I can’t booze it up, too, but I have to earn back the extra money that the Goobernor’s going to take from my salary thanks to his budget.

    What if the kids don’t want to hang with her??

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Thats the trouble with these folks…………
    wanna be a public servant so bad ( lie cheat whatever) then dont want to go to work! who does,really, afterall work is a four letter word!
    she knew this was a year in and out job — her and Kasich both act like all of a sudden POOF and these kids show up
    Shannon  ol girl — shoulda thought of this before you ran for this job.. millions of moms leave their kids everyday to go to work.
    and  the “rita” deal — my, my your job is so stressful..poor thing
    I think I could tough it out for $71,000 a year  plus retirement  and healthcare .( paid by taxpayers  ,,, somehow no one tells this part)

  • Anonymous

    whatever you do, DO NOT click on any links to photos she tweets from the bar tonight #weinerjoke #senatorsgonewild

  • What a senseless blog post. I’m not a disagreeing about SB5 but this post is about as low as you can go.

  • Anonymous

    Low as we can go?  We have a member of the State Senator who spends an inordinate amount of time tweeting about drinking from her CAMPAIGN account while she wages war against firefighters, nurses, teachers, and police officers as if they were parasites to society? 

  • Sluggo

    Not exactly Anthony Weiner material but, seriously…a State Senator tweeting as if she’s a party girl.  I don’t begrudge her the ” ‘ritas ” but the tweets are just dumb.

    Added insensitivity bonus points when she pines for hanging with her kids instead of working.  Looks like the lazy fat cat public employees are $60k Senators working a part-time job between ‘rita breaks.

  • luv2teach

    I was thinking the same thing… If she is so envious of teachers getting “summers off”, then get your teaching degree and become a teacher. Quit complaining when you are in charge of the choices you make. Then again I don’t want people like her in the teaching profession.

  • Hope she doesn’t have one too many of the ‘ritas and need a medic or a nurse!!

  • agreed, (expletive) the ‘rita, give me the entire pitcher…my partner is a firefighter and I am a nurse, she is working 2 jobs and I am working OT and in school.  I barely have time to say hello to my kids, she does not have my sympathy!!

  • Anonymous

    Considering Her Cluelessness is whinging about last call being 9PM when many of her constituents are just heading out to their second or third jobs to make ends meet at that time…she might wanna go easy on those ‘ritas.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    ps to my earlier post ——

    send her to “rita”ville– let her take the bargaining from the bar tenders

    maybe when all this hits the fan her precious “ritas” will double in price
    and her local “boro” bar may have to close due to lack of business

  • Annekarima

    Maybe she ought to stay sober and spend time setting a good example for the kids.   Or is ritas  the republican way for setting the example these days?

  • Angela

    Teach for America, Shannon?

  • Guest

    I’m really not surprised at her unprofessionalism. I was in the room during the Rules Committee meeting prior to the vote on SB 5 (the one during which they replaced 2 committee members to get it to pass). She was sitting, slouched in her chair, legs apart, head leaning back on the chair – and talking about how the pesky citizens would not leave her alone in the restroom… and she was giggling like a little school girl at recess while discussing this loudly. She knew there were observers in the room with big concerns about the issue. I decided immediately after observing her that she is too ditzy to realize she’s a republican kamikaze pilot.

  • Likeamymail

    She couldn’t teach anyway.  She’d last about a month then walk out in tears. Kids would eat her for breakfast because she looks weak.

  • Jonesin’ for change

    Hopefully, her constituents will give her a permanent vacation from “public service”  come 2012.

  • SPettinichi

    Unfortunately, she isn’t up for election until 2014.  She just won her first elected term in 2010 (she had previously been appointed to the seat when Robert Schuler died).
    Also, the way things stand now it would be very difficult to defeat her.  Her district (7) is strongly Republican.  Even in the strongly Democratic 2006 election the district went about 60% Republican.  In 2010 it was about 70%.  We will see how things stand after redistricting though.  It might become more Democratic if the GOP shifts the lines in order to squish out a Dem seat.

  • Portia A. Boulger

     She not only looks weak, she is! On the way OUT!!

  • Portia A. Boulger

    She is an attention seeker-those who are are WEAK and easily led by bullies like Kasich.

  • I don’t get a slower pace in the summer, just a little less traffic for my commute in the heat.  Have fun with those “lesson plans” and that part time job.  I certainly hope they don’t take you all summer. 

  • glug, glug, glug… Now we know how Shannon Jones got so fat.

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