The Columbus Dispatch today reported that State Senator Karen Gillmor is heading to a seat on the Ohio Industrial Commission, likely replacing Kevin Adams, whose term expires this month:

Gillmor was already under heavy consideration for appointment to the three-member commission and acknowledged to media outlets this week that the Kasich administration approached her to apply.

We broke the story nine days ago.  (ODP was nice enough to give us the credit for breaking the story, even though the media so far hasn’t.)

Here’s the Ohio Democratic Party’s press release:

Karen Gillmor, under heavy criticism throughout her district for voting against middle class families by supporting Senate Bill 5, will leave the State Senate after having been appointed by Gov. John Kasich to the Industrial Commission. State Sen. Jimmy Stewart, another Senate Bill 5 supporter who ignored the will of the people of his district, also announced recently that he would leave the State Senate.

ODP also had this video response as well:

You just can’t trust what you read on blogs, you know…

(Yet another Republican State Senator up for re-election who now isn’t.)