The Columbus Dispatch today reported that State Senator Karen Gillmor is heading to a seat on the Ohio Industrial Commission, likely replacing Kevin Adams, whose term expires this month:

Gillmor was already under heavy consideration for appointment to the three-member commission and acknowledged to media outlets this week that the Kasich administration approached her to apply.

We broke the story nine days ago.  (ODP was nice enough to give us the credit for breaking the story, even though the media so far hasn’t.)

Here’s the Ohio Democratic Party’s press release:

Karen Gillmor, under heavy criticism throughout her district for voting against middle class families by supporting Senate Bill 5, will leave the State Senate after having been appointed by Gov. John Kasich to the Industrial Commission. State Sen. Jimmy Stewart, another Senate Bill 5 supporter who ignored the will of the people of his district, also announced recently that he would leave the State Senate.

ODP also had this video response as well:

You just can’t trust what you read on blogs, you know…

(Yet another Republican State Senator up for re-election who now isn’t.)

  • Freddavis

    “You just can’t trust what you read on blogs, you know…”

    What are you trying to prove?  You’re not a real journalist. 

  • Freddavis

    “You just can’t trust what you read on blogs, you know…”

    What are you trying to prove?  You’re not a real journalist. 

  • Honestly, Fred, I’ve lost track of the number of stories on which Plunderbund has scooped the papers in the past year.

    You can call us whatever you want.  But our information is as accurate as any other news source and very often published before you can read it in the papers.

    You’ll also find original analysis and inside information that the papers just don’t have the manpower to produce or the balls to print.

    We have every right to pat ourselves on the back once in awhile and to call out the media for not admitting that we beat them to the punch.

  • Adrienne

    Right on Joseph, and Modern. You have it first; you are more accurate; they lie; they cover up for the evil R’s. The truth has  a liberal bias, can’t say the same for the rotten Ohio “newspapers”. They lie on the front page then support it on the editorial page. They are good for picking up dog poop, PERIOD.

  • Guest

    A day late, a dollar short, and biased towards the evil R’s = MSM in Ohio and elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    It was rumor… it was something everyone knew… which is it Fred?  Pick your BS story and stick to it for at least one sentence at least.

  • Cmdrjan

    Freddie is fundamentally incapable of choosing a point of view and sticking with it.  He’s a Republican, doncha know.

  • Amanda Hoyt

    Dear Fred….. I “the dem staffer” did indeed give the informaiton to plunder…. At least I have the balls to list my name.  Amanda Hoyt

    I am so sick of you pansy asses….

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