If the primary were help today, polling indicates that Ohio’s Republicans would choose Ken Blackwell as their candidate to run against Senator Sherod Brown in 2012 – by a surprisingly large margin.

It seems Ohio’s conservatives have a special place in their hearts for Ken’s unique brand of social conservative craziness which he let run wild during the 2006 race for Governor. Ken’s homophobia and misogyny won him the gubernatorial primary – and some big fans among “real” conservatives – but it made for some really bad general election sound bites (e.g. NAMBLA) and certainly contributed to his big loss against Governor Strickland.

As much as I disagree with Ken’s political philosophy and dislike his personal beliefs, I have to give the guy credit for at least being consistent.

While Josh Mandel and the other potential Senate candidates run to the middle and avoid discussing any issue that might be used against them during the campaign, Ken Blackwell bustin’ out the big guns early and often, saying what he thinks, regardless of how crazy and offensive it might seem to the rest of the world.

In this clip from Fox News, Ken Blackwell claims that watching Elmo can lead boys to grow up to be gay prom queens. (Seriously)

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  • Adrienne

    Is Ken Blackwell in the closet? He speaks like he is a self loathing gay. I already that he is a self loathing black man so I wouldn’t be surprised. 

  • Anonymous

    Ah man, I had forgotten just howunintentionally  funny Ken Blackwell can be.

  • Ah this election is going to be wonderful. 

  • I’m so ready to see Brown v. Blackwell debates I can barely contain myself!

  • Jen

    Gay Elmo, pro guns, and prayer in schools.  What a delightful platform.

  • Xx

    NAMBLA:  North American McCain Bush Love Association.

  • Annekarima

    Did I actually hear hannity hint that he grew up with good family value shows like “the Honeymooners” or did I misunderstand?  Surely he didn’t really mean he learned good values from the brutality of that program?  On the other hand … that would explain a lot about hannity …

  • Anastasjoy

    Excuse me, but Joshie is not “running to the middle.” He’s taken a handful of ultra-radical-right-wing, teabagger-pandering positions on fringe social issues and pretty much avoided saying anything much about major issues. And Kevvy “Bring on the Hot Young Aides” Coughlin is also chomping at the bit to show how right-wing he is. There’s no “middle” to run to in a Republican primary anymore. And there’s never a bad time to look at this once more: http://www.plunderbund.com/2009/04/14/kevin-coughlin-sex-scandal/

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    yes it will be very entertaining, and to think for years I thought it was the Teletubbies that were causing a problem. Wasnt it rumored that the lil purple one was gay etc.?

  • GreenIris

    My money is on Lazy Town.

  • NAMBLA = he-man women haters club = TGOP.


  • Oops I meant that I already know that he is a self loathing black man. 

  • That show creeps me out.

  • Good point.  Sorry.  I was trying to rush that post up in 5 minutes before my plane boarded.

    My point was that he’s avoiding commenting on any controversial issues.  Bad choice of words on my part.

  • Anonymous

    Blackwell is under the care and command of Rod Parlsey of the World Harvest Church, which explains a lot.  Blackwell lost in 2006, partly because he’s just not good enough to be Governor, but also due to a lot of racism.  Strickland even won in Delaware County, home to at least one militia, a John Birch Society, and a Tea Party, and plenty of down home good ole boys.

  • mvirenicus

    i think jim tressell caused little boys to grow up to be gay sweater vest wearing prep school students.  thank god he’s gone!

  • Have these nitwits seen 24?

    Also–people don’t have to watch it.

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