If the primary were help today, polling indicates that Ohio’s Republicans would choose Ken Blackwell as their candidate to run against Senator Sherod Brown in 2012 – by a surprisingly large margin.

It seems Ohio’s conservatives have a special place in their hearts for Ken’s unique brand of social conservative craziness which he let run wild during the 2006 race for Governor. Ken’s homophobia and misogyny won him the gubernatorial primary – and some big fans among “real” conservatives – but it made for some really bad general election sound bites (e.g. NAMBLA) and certainly contributed to his big loss against Governor Strickland.

As much as I disagree with Ken’s political philosophy and dislike his personal beliefs, I have to give the guy credit for at least being consistent.

While Josh Mandel and the other potential Senate candidates run to the middle and avoid discussing any issue that might be used against them during the campaign, Ken Blackwell bustin’ out the big guns early and often, saying what he thinks, regardless of how crazy and offensive it might seem to the rest of the world.

In this clip from Fox News, Ken Blackwell claims that watching Elmo can lead boys to grow up to be gay prom queens. (Seriously)

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