Four years ago, Ohio had a Governor with a 64% approval rating (and that was among Republicans, meaning that at this point in their respective term, Republicans pretty much approved of Ted Strickland’s performance as they do of Kasich’s.)  In fact, if you look at the recent PPP poll, Strickland’s performance with Republicans is actually better than Kasich’s approval rating within his own party is.

Gov. Strickland is absolutely correct that Sherrod Brown and Obama have benefitted politically from the extreme Kasich agenda as well as their support for the auto industry (which is while President Obama will be in Toledo on Friday to highlight the recovery of the auto industry.)  In fact PPP, a Democratic polling outfit, released a poll today that largely confirmed the results of the recent Quinnipiac poll: Blackwell is crushing Josh Mandel and any other GOP potential candidate, but Brown has beyond the margins leads against them all as Republicans are neither excited about the GOP field or the idea of voting Brown out yet.  Again, I’ll say it: if Blackwell announces first, Mandel doesn’t run.

Governor Strickland also is the first Democrat I know to say publicly what I’ve been hearing privately, but increasingly lately among Democrats: there is going optimism that the Democrats could retake the Ohio House of Representatives next fall, no matter how the Republicans draw the districts.

The fact that folks like Jimmy Stewart and Karen Gillmor in the Senate are already heading for the exits just encourages that belief.

  • Guest

    Too bad he didn’t win. Evil Prince John will continue to make Ohio an even more crappy place to live. He’ll do a worse job than his fellow evil radical RW mafioso, Taft and Voinovich. They always get more evil, more rotten and do a worse job. 

    People voted for evil or didn’t vote. 

  • Well, for 16 years under Voinovich and Taft they NEVER went after our Collective Bargaining Rights, had cordial relations with the teachers and other labor groups, and kept the house GOP crazies in line. I’d take either one again in a second over Crazy John…Jim, Columbus

  • Adrienne

    They probably wanted to but didn’t have the evil monstrous rich behind them. They didn’t help Ohio. They each made Ohio worse in their own way. Just because they are less evil doesn’t let them off the hook. 

  • Carrieee4

    Lets’s just focus on getting SB5 on the ballet. All the name bashing does no good. It just makes us look bad. Let’s do what we have to do. Not reelect any Republicans. Vote down and out all bills and laws that are just blatantly bad for our state as a whole. And continue with voting Democratic all the way to the white house. We no longer can afford the Repub’s to have the upper hand in anything.

  • I was wonderful to see a Governor of Ohio, and not get ill.  Kasich is doing more for the Democrats than any Democratic operative in history.

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