Plunderbund contributor Greg Mild just finished testifying in the Senate on the budget bill, specifically on a provision that would require all of the core subject area teachers in the lowest performing 10% of schools across the state to retake the Praxis II tests that apply to their teaching assignment.

As Greg points out, the exam creators specifically indicate against using the exams for this purpose.

Moreover, forcing teachers to retake exams they already passed will cost these teachers millions in fees out of their own pockets. These fees will go directly to the company (ETS) that provides the testing services to Ohio.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest supporters of this change is Stan Heffner, Ohio’s interim superintendent of schools who, as we recently pointed out, has just been hired by ETS (as soon as he finishes supporting the extra testing requirements that will make ETS millions.)

Here’s Greg’s testimony….

HB153 Testimony – Greg Mild