Plunderbund contributor Greg Mild just finished testifying in the Senate on the budget bill, specifically on a provision that would require all of the core subject area teachers in the lowest performing 10% of schools across the state to retake the Praxis II tests that apply to their teaching assignment.

As Greg points out, the exam creators specifically indicate against using the exams for this purpose.

Moreover, forcing teachers to retake exams they already passed will cost these teachers millions in fees out of their own pockets. These fees will go directly to the company (ETS) that provides the testing services to Ohio.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest supporters of this change is Stan Heffner, Ohio’s interim superintendent of schools who, as we recently pointed out, has just been hired by ETS (as soon as he finishes supporting the extra testing requirements that will make ETS millions.)

Here’s Greg’s testimony….

HB153 Testimony – Greg Mild

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t the teaching testing provisions removed by the Senate amendments yesterday?

  • gmild

    It was one of the few that was not.  It was modified slightly — the method for identifying the bottom 10% was made more convoluted, but the outcome remains the same.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    When do they have time to teach? Interesting that ETS has a new hire coming on soon. The connection is obvious- Another deal to better someone’s retirement plan.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    So whos in charge of making a test for the governor?
    I say merit pay for the governor and congress people alike.
    3 and 1/2 more years of this stuff– there will be nothing left of this fair state or its people.

  • Beca117

     Batchelder still wants it back in the budget – sounds like he’ll be pushing that when it goes back to committee.

  • dlw

    Wasn’t this testing provision included in the Race to the Top stuff? If so, then I would imagine that everyone (Heffner, GA, etc.) would support the plan in order to avoid losing the RTTT money.

  • gmild

    No.  Evaluation process was, but this is not.  Easy to conceptualize — teacher testing for licensure is a state level decision; RttT focuses on items that are more national in scope, or at least common across states.

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