I used to work with a guy who spent a good deal of time at the bar after work. He would leave his wedding ring at the hotel and aggressively flirt with women, claiming he was a few years younger, wasn’t married and didn’t have children.

His excuse: I’m not exactly lying, I’m just providing out of date information. When I WAS 33 I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids.

John Kasich’s use of three year old education data and six year old tax data to prove the need for his radical legislative agenda is no different than my coworker’s use of old personal information to get laid. They are both lies.

Kasich isn’t the only one using this deceptive trick. One Ohio United, the group organized by Kasich’s campaign staff to help promote his budget, is running ads that are clearly using old – and very inaccurate information.

I’m specifically talking about the TV ad that claims Ohio had a $10 Billion budget deficit. This number is not only old – it was NEVER seriously considered true by anyone. Not according to Strickland’s estimates. Not according to Kasich’s estimates. Not according anyone’s estimates except for one offhanded comment made by Sen. Chris Widener back in December – and even Widener was very clear that he was just talking out his ass and he had no real data to back up his guess.

Claiming that old, inaccurate and out-of-date information is current – whether it’s to trick someone into having sex with you or to trick someone into supporting your political agenda – is lying,