From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In 2006, nearly 57% of Ohio voters passed a constitutional amendment to guarantee a minimum wage law in this State that was automatically tied to inflation.  It was an election in which 53% of all registered voters in Ohio voted.

Fast forward to 2010, John Kasich is elected with roughly 49% of the vote in an election in which 49% of all register voters in Ohio voted.

Here is what the voters of Ohio enshrined in the State’s constitution in 2006 with a sizeable majority of the vote (Art. II, Sec. 34a of the […]

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It’s hard to capture every nuisance and change in the budget when it takes the Senate GOP caucus fifteen pages just to describe the amendments, and I haven’t the time (or yet present ability) to read the amendments myself.


Workers Compensation Council. InnovationOhio was quick to declare a partial victory in that the Ohio Senate’s omnibus budget amendment eliminates the unstaffed Workers Compensation Council.  That’s pretty remarkable when you consider ordinarily such a move should have been made in the separate budget for Workers Compensation that has already been signed into law.  Also, we all know that […]

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We’re hearing the Senate version of the budget is going to include language to sell off the Ohio Lottery to private investors, and it includes a specific date by which that sale has to occur: June 2012.

Because, you know, there’s nothing like a motivated seller and a time sensitive deal to really boost the value and improve our bargaining position. And given that we now have casinos approved and will likely have VLTs, we can expect the offers – and ultimately the final selling price – to be pretty damn low.

It leaves me wondering if this may […]

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Today, the Toledo Blade reported that a new campaign committee would be formed to defend SB 5 from the grassroots movement to place it for repeal by a referendum by the voters.

The pro-SB 5 campaign is going to be headed by Vaughn Flasher (is that your real name, sir?), a longtime GOP political consultant and current  lobbyist for “tobacco, energy, telecommunications, and insurance industries.”  Yet, despite this political power broker from the deepest recesses of the politics of the privileged, the campaign website boasts about being a “grassroots” campaign… even though Governor Kasich, Speaker Batchelder, and Senate President […]

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I used to work with a guy who spent a good deal of time at the bar after work. He would leave his wedding ring at the hotel and aggressively flirt with women, claiming he was a few years younger, wasn’t married and didn’t have children.

His excuse: I’m not exactly lying, I’m just providing out of date information. When I WAS 33 I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids.

John Kasich’s use of three year old education data and six year old tax data to prove the need for his radical legislative agenda is no different than […]

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