From the daily archives: Sunday, May 29, 2011

[UPDATED: May 30, 6:50 pm: Heffner collaborated with ETS in October, 2010, three months earlier than first reported]

We’ve already posted articles here and here about the Teacher Testing provision that is still hanging on in the budget bill.  A brief update: the current version would require that ALL of the core subject area teachers in the lowest performing 10% of school districts across the state will be required “take all written examinations prescribed by the state board of education for licensure to teach that core subject area and the grade level.”

In Ohio, this means […]

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess.

This morning, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Aaron Marshall becomes the first Ohio media journalist (outside of Plunderbund) who FINALLY reports what we’ve been saying for months now: there was no $8 billion deficit.

Here’s Marshall today:

Tucked away in the details of Kasich’s massive state spending blueprint released on March 15 was a projection that tax revenues will actually grow by about $800 million as the economy comes back from the recession of 2008.

That makes the $7.7 billion gap between spending and revenues actually about $6.9 billion […]

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