Yet another poll shows that Republicans strongly favor failed ‘06 Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell over current State Treasurer Josh Mandel.  PPP shows an even larger lead for Blackwell, who it says leads 49% to 16% in a three-way race between them and former State Senator Kevin Coughlin.

Hey, remember when Lt. Governor Mary Taylor was a rumored candidate for the U.S. Senate next year?  Just for fun, PPP included her in a hypothetical matchup with the first three and Congressman Jim Jordan, who was also strongly rumored to be a potential candidate.   How does Taylor do?

She comes in dead last… among likely GOP primary voters.  Taylor’s biggest problem is that she’s not very popular among likely GOP primary voters.  She has only a favorability rating of 23% compared to an unfavorability rating of 12%.  Technically, Ken Blackwell has a slightly higher unfavorability at 19%, but with a favorability rating at 42%, he’s fine among the GOP electorate.  Taylor, on the other hand is mostly unknown despite being Kasich’s running mate.  And among those GOP voters who recognize Taylor’s name her favorability to unfavorability ratio is less than 2:1.  That’s pretty remarkable for the only GOP statewide candidate who survived the 2006 GOP massacre in Ohio.

In fact, when you look at the favorability ratings of all the GOP candidates in the Senate race, something jumps out at you—not a single one of them has a favorability above 50% among even GOP primary voters.  That’s… well, stunning.  In their poll on Kasich’s approval rating, Kasich at least got an 58% approval rating from Republicans (which is still, rather pathetic.)  So, we’ve found something less popular among Republicans than John Kasich or his SB 5, the entire GOP Senate field.  If I’m Sherrod Brown’s campaign, I’m pretty happy about this news.

In comparison, Mitt Romney, the guy who’s supposed to be political toxic in GOP circles over “RomneyCare,” has a better favorability rating among GOP voters than any potential GOP Senate candidate under consideration.  In other words, GOP voters simply are uninspired by their prospective field against Sherrod Brown.

Josh Mandel polls no better than Jim Jordan and only better than the virtually unknown Kevin Coughlin.  Any talk about his “impressive” victory last November indicating he’s made his mark in the Ohio political world is nonsense when 76% of likely GOP primary voters don’t have an opinion about him.

As for the GOP field, only Sarah Palin joins Mitt Romney in the above 50% GOP voter favorability category. Romney seems to have a sizeable lead compared to the rest of the field with only Sarah Palin, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich running nearly roughly 8-9 points behind.  If Palin doesn’t run, that puts Ron Paul into the mix of potential second-tier challengers to Romney.

But Mittens is leading the GOP field pretty strongly.  And Ken Blackwell is the king of the uninspiring field of GOP Senate challengers.  That’s the State of the GOP field in Ohio next year presently.