From the daily archives: Friday, May 27, 2011

Yet another poll shows that Republicans strongly favor failed ‘06 Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell over current State Treasurer Josh Mandel.  PPP shows an even larger lead for Blackwell, who it says leads 49% to 16% in a three-way race between them and former State Senator Kevin Coughlin.

Hey, remember when Lt. Governor Mary Taylor was a rumored candidate for the U.S. Senate next year?  Just for fun, PPP included her in a hypothetical matchup with the first three and Congressman Jim Jordan, who was also strongly rumored to be a potential candidate.   How does Taylor do?

She comes […]

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As I mentioned two days ago, Kasich and his people have been pushing a report from the Tax Foundation that claims Ohio’s combined state and local tax burden is ranked 7th highest in the nation.

According to the Governor’s Office, this is the report they are referencing. It was published in January, 2010 – and ranking of #7 for Ohio it uses is actually from 2005.

But Kasich fails to mention that the Tax Foundation put out a more recent set of data in late February of 2011 showing that Ohio is actually ranked much higher AND […]

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In this morning’s Columbus Dispatch, Senate Majority Floor Leader Jimmy Stewart adamantly denies that the unpopularity of his SB 5 vote, which just about everyone in Columbus agrees doomed Stewart of having much of a chance to being re-elected, had anything to do with his decision:

He said he is leaving public office, probably in June (after the Senate passes the state budget), because he "didn’t want to be a career politician."

If Jimmy Stewart didn’t want to be a career politician, he sure has a funny way of avoiding it:

State Senator since 2009. State Representative (2003-2008) […]

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